We all know that we live in a high-technology era in which knowledge is multiplying so fast that people can hardly keep up with the burgeoning knowledge explosion (which was prophesied to occur in the latter days of our age in Daniel 12:4). There are now so many kinds of cell-phones, portable computers, personal digital assistants and electronic gadgets that I don’t even understand them all. Based on how these high-tech gadgets are proliferating everywhere, mankind is practically “worshipping” at the altar of our technological accomplishments and discoveries. A major problem with all our electronic gadgets and increasingly wireless networks may now becoming harder to ignore. The accumulated electric, electromagnetic, microwave and other radiation-generating devices may be slowly killing us.

A recent article in Prevention magazine entitled Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick? makes the case that the cumulative effects of all these electronic technologies are either making us sick or can actually kill us. The article gives details of a documented case in 1990 where teachers and students in a new school suffered cancer fatalities from what apparently was a far-to0-intense electromagnetic field in the school. The MD epidemiologist who surveyed the school found “astonishingly” high readings of transient electronic pollution which “exceeded his meter’s ability to gauge them.” The epidemiologist found that a teacher working in that school had a 64% higher likelihood of developing cancer, and that some instances of cancer were “13 times higher” than the average. The article further details numerous studies showing the detrimental health effects on our human bodies when they are exposed to too high a level of background electronic radiation. It adds that brain tumors are closely correlated to people using cell phones for more than ten years. Interestingly, the EU nations of Europe “are moving quickly to protect their citizens, particularly pregnant women and children.” France, Germany and England are cited as nations which “have dismantled wireless networks in schools and public libraries” to protect their citizens. Israel is taking some actions to ban cell-phone towers on residences and even “Russian officials have advised against cell phone use for children under 18.”  What actions are American officials taking? Apparently their role is to keep Americans unaware of these dangers and protect the bottom lines of the mega-companies that sell all these electronic gadgets.  It reminds me of how the SEC was finally revealed to have worked rather hard to avoid prosecuting Bernie Madoff even though powerful evidence about Madoff’s massive ponzi-scheme rip off of Americans had been given to the SEC for years.

Many additional examples of electromagnetic health hazards are documented in the Prevention article (see first link below) along with measures you can take to protect your personal health. Interestingly, one example cited is that during the Cold War, Russians realized that radar operators were getting sick from electrical exposure so Russia weaponized this knowledge in the 1960s by bombarding the US Embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation which sickened American workers. If Russia had 40-50 years ago weaponized the knowledge that too much exposure to electric/electronic radiation can cause damage to humans, one wonders the degree to which Russia (or other modern nations) are now weaponizing various applications of this knowledge today. You can be sure they are not talking about it.

For balance, I’ve included an article from the establishment newspaper media which, while mentioning the Prevention article, mostly “poo-poos” it. It does admit there are surveys supporting the Prevention article’s conclusions but it also cites surveys that discount any dangers from cell phone radiation or other electronic devices. I’m curious to know who funded and sponsored those other surveys. Were they funded by the industry which profits from selling lots of electronic devices to unsuspecting people? I recall many years ago that the tobacco industry also had surveys which “proved” that smoking was not harmful to your health. We all know today how accurate those past “corporate-sponsored surveys” were.  I urge you to read both links and decide for yourselves what you wish to believe and do about the situation.

It is my opinion that when Jesus Christ/Yahshua returns and takes charge of all earthly governments in the Millennium/Messianic Age, all our lives will get much, much simpler.  Micah 4 offers the famous prophecy that in the Millennium, weaponry will be beaten into plows and pruning hooks. It also says in verse 4 that “every man” will sit “under his vine and fig tree and none shall make them afraid.” If “every man” will be involved in some form of agricultural activity, it sounds to me like life will be much simpler then. When they were first created, Adam’s and Eve’s job description in Genesis 2:15 was to “dress and keep the garden [of Eden].” God did not create them with access to cable TV with 117 channels and an array of electronic gadgets. There is no indication they had a single electric gadget in Eden. Acts 3:21 prophesies that when Christ returns, there will be a “restitution of all things.” In other words, mankind will likely go back to Eden’s simple lifestyle and start over. The Creator knows the degree to which electronic pollution harms mankind and no such harmful thing will be allowed in the kingdom of God. God says nothing will be allowed then which would “hurt or destroy” others (Isaiah 11:9). Mankind has made idols out of the high-tech “works of our own hands” in this age, and God will make sure no types of technology will ever be allowed to become an idol in the Millennium. While high-tech communications devices can be a marvelous tool, they also have risks, as the Prevention article documents. We need to realize that our own modern technology may sometimes kill or harm us.