Shalom Steve,
Does the literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:2 require the literal domination of one “prince” over Meshech and Tubal, which would appear to be Moscow and Tbilisi?
What are your thoughts?

BrianShalom Brian,



You pose an interesting question. I would say that Ezekiel 38 argues that a literal “prince” (or leader) has to rule over both Meshech and Tubal. Russia’s invasion of Georgia (which includes Tbilisi) may be a fulfillment of that aspect of Ezekiel 38, but the name of Tubal in Georgia may indicate that Tubal once lived there in ancient times even as the term “Iran” indicates that the Ephraimite clan named after Eran (Numbers 26:36) once lived in ancient Persia during its Parthian period.
The key issue is where is Tubal located today? The city of Tobolsk and the Tobol River are both named after Tubal and they are both located in Russia already. It would appear that this fact indicates that Tubal is already located within Russia. However, you raise an interesting point, given today’s politics. There is no question that Russia would like to pull all the nations of the former USSR back under Moscow’s domination. Russia’s actions have made it clear that the USA and NATO will not fight for Georgia’s independence so Georgia has effectively become a Russian vassal-state already. It will have only as much independence as Moscow grants it. The Ukraine and other former Soviet states will also “get the point” delivered by Russia in Georgia.