A recent report has surfaced that offers some surprising information. Japanese companies such as Honda, Hitachi, Toyota and others are doing design work on a science-fiction-like project which many Christians will perceive to be a possible future fulfillment of the “mark of the beast” prophecy in Revelation 13:16. I thank reader, Win, for this link below.

The link contains an article entitled “Japan’s Brainwave Initiative: Mind-Reading Bots by 2020.” The article addresses how cutting-edge technologies are being developed to create micro-devices which will be implantable in people’s brains or worn on a forehead “headset.” Obviously, some practical and benign usages for this technology are cited such as enabling paralyzed people to control the movements of their own wheelchairs via their thoughts. However it also reports this project is so “hush-hush” that it apparently is not being disclosed or discussed on the websites of any of the corporations involved in this brainwave project. The article also has a disturbing phrase that the purpose of the project “is to control brainwaves” (emphasis added). Does anyone else find this statement disturbing? That statement indicates that all such devices implanted in people’s brains could be capable of two-way interactions. An implanted device could assist a handicapped person to control his/her wheelchair, but could it also be used by a central command station to “control” the brainwaves (i.e. thoughts and/or actions) of all people who have these brain implants or headsets? Could such an implanted brain device send pain signals to the brains of all people who do not comply with orders imposed by a future prophesied “Beast” system which will require everyone to have a “mark” of some kind in their forehead or hand?

The article indicates that “augmented humans” (those who will have the high-tech brain implants) could directly log on to the internet or communicate with a system of new robots that are also being planned to function with/among human beings. These robots could do such things as help locate specific people in crowds, or directly interface with  “augmented humans” via thoughts alone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the least bit eager for this kind of technology to be developed. I’m sure you can think of various mind-control applications that could be developed when/if this technology is directed and controlled by the prophesied global “beast” system. I’ll bet the beast power would try to transform “augmented humans” into electronically-controlled humans. Personally, I hope Jesus Christ returns before this “Brave New World” ever comes into being. The article thinks these micro-devices for implantation into people’s brains will be ready within ten years.