This short post is to alert readers that Iran may be about to send large numbers of its army troops to reinforce the Syrian government forces supporting Bashir Assad. The website is reporting that such a deployment of Iranian forces to Syria may be imminent (first link). The second link is provided as an affirmation that this report is beginning to spread to other Internet news sources. Debka reports that this Iranian deployment of an apparently-large number of Iranian troops to Syria may occur due to ISIL forces defeating Syrian/Hezbollah forces supporting Assad. Some of Assad’s forces have reportedly collapsed in the face of ISIL attacks.

If this report is true, I suspect that Iran may be sending its troops to Syria with the silent backing of Russia. Russia is one of Assad’s main backers and Russia is also allied to Iran. Russia and Iran may have agreed that it is more acceptable and less provocative to the world community if Iranian forces are sent to support Assad instead of Russian troops. If Iran sends a large number of its Revolutionary Guard forces along with tanks and armored vehicles to Syria, I expect that Iran will take a more active role in attacking ISIL forces from both the east and west. The Iranian-backed Shiite militias would attack on the east side of the ISIL forces in Iraq while Iranian forces would also attack from the west side in Syria. If this happens, this could ignite a much wider Sunni-Shiite war in the Mideast.

Indeed, the report that ISIL was able to rout Iraqi forces so easily at Ramadi in Iraq and is now routing Syrian troops in a second offensive front inside Syria reveals a comprehensive strategy by ISIL and an ability to wage offensives on two fronts. This has made me wonder if ISIL has a secret backer that is enabling its forces to be so effective.

In terms of a biblical connection, Russia and Iran are allies in the latter-day Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38. It appears that they may have to take direct action to prevent Syria from falling out of the Gog-Magog orbit. If Syria’s Assad does fall and is replaced with a Sunni leader, it will be a major blow to the Gog-Magog alliance’s strategic position, as Russia’s naval fleet would lose its base on the Mediterranean Sea on Syria’s seacoast.

We now need to watch and see if Debka’s warning materializes.