Great Britain used to be the world’s superpower as recently as during World War II, when it was able to stand alone against the entire Axis alliance. It lost its empire in the 1950s and 1960s and has been shrinking in world importance ever since. It appears that it is about to shrink in importance even further.

The first link reveals that the British army and air force now have no nuclear weapons at all. Both the British and the French have “considerably shrunk their arsenals” since the Cold War ended. Both the British and the French have submarines equipped with nuclear missiles, but the French have not deteriorated as badly as the British in their nuclear forces. According to this link, the French now have almost twice as many nukes as the British, and the French still have nuclear-capable bombers. Britain’s security situation could get much weaker.

The second link reports that a group of British generals have urged the elimination of Britain’s nuclear weapons altogether! How these generals can think that eliminating British nuclear weapons (in a world where other nations will keep their nukes) is beyond me! Such an action would leave the British very vulnerable to attack and/or invasion.  There could be another consequence. Great Britain received its permanent seat on the UN Security Council because of its immediate post-World War II clout on the world stage. Even as its empire shriveled afterwards, it remained a nuclear power so it had some claim to its seat on the Security Council. If it divests itself of nukes, Britain has no right to a permanent seat on the Security Council. It logically should go to another nuclear power, such as India.

The second link refers to Nick Clegg, who is unknown to virtually all Americans. Mr. Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, and his party has unexpectedly surged into contention to win the pending British elections. Not long ago, the Conservatives (Tories) were expected to replace the current Labour Party government in those elections.  The third link relates that Mr. Clegg has stated that the British nation bears more guilt for its past that the Germans do for their Nazi past. The third link quite correctly says his statement is “nuts,” and describes Mr. Clegg as a “Brit-hating leftist.”  If the British elect such a person as their Prime Minister, it will be a signal that the British nation is heading even further downhill.

The British are the modern Israelite tribe of Ephraim, the leading nation of the “company of nations” that Ephraim was to become in the latter days (Genesis 48:14-49:1). The other Ephraimite nations are Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The USA is their brother tribe of Manasseh, the single great nation prophesied to exist in the latter days. All these “Saxon” nations bear the name of the Hebrew ancestor, Isaac, just as was prophesied in Genesis 21:12 and 48:12. The word “Saxon” is spelled with an “x” because it comes from a Roman Latin derivation. Before they migrated into Europe, their Saxons forebears in Asia were known as the “Sacae” (by the Greeks) and the “Saka” (by the Persians). Those names more clearly preserved the name of “Isaac” or “Yitsaak.” The “birthright” nations of the USA and the UK are sinking steadily lower on the world scene as their national culture and leadership become ever-more sinful and as these nations steadily reject God’s laws and ways of life. If they do not repent, these nations will sink further still.

Winston Churchill would roll over in his grave if he could see how his beloved nation has deteriorated and weakened itself since he passed away.,1518,688504,00.html