Would you please address the tribe of Dan. That tribe to my knowledge is not counted as one of the 10 tribes yet his name is everywhere. 

thank you. 


Dear Pat,
I’d be happy to respond to your question about the tribe of Dan. It most definitely IS one of the ten tribes of Israel. It is also true that the name of Dan is present all along the migration routes of the ten tribes (Don and Danube Rivers, Danzig, Danmark, etc.) Dan is listed in each census of the tribes of Israel given in Numbers 1 and 26.  Joshua 19:40-48 relates that the tribe of Dan split into two sections in the Promised Land–one by the seacoast and one in the far north of the ancient kingdom of Israel. The Danites by the seacoast had a maritime lifestyle in the book of Judges (Judges 5:17) at the same time that one of the tribes of the Mediterranean Sea Peoples was called the “Danaan.”  Genesis 49:16-18 prophesies the Danites will be present (along with all the other Israelite tribes in the latter days). There is much more about the Danites’ history in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today.