A new report (not shared with the general American population) is that China is the secret ally of the Taliban forces which the USA and NATO forces are fighting in Afghanistan. The first link below reports that China has “a strategy of weakening America,” and that China has “deaf ears” to all American requests to help U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The link reports that China has had “longstanding ties to the Taliban dating to the late 1990s,” that “the Chinese are not interested in defeating the Taliban,” and that China now has a “multi-billion dollar mining deal in Afghanistan” which will extract copper deposits.

The link also cites “China’s strategy to undermine U.S. interests,” even as it fears the USA is trying to encircle China with a string of military bases that include the ones in Afghanistan. The second link (from CNN) is much shorter, but confirms some aspects of this story.

Did you know that China has been an ally of the Taliban since the late 1990s? Hardly any Americans have been allowed to know this. China is also an ally of Iran, and is a long-standing ally of Pakistan. This means that China is actually encircling the U.S. forces in Afghanistan via alliances with the Taliban, Pakistan and Iran, and that it is the U.S. forces in Afghanistan which are now effectively surrounded and in growing danger as Russia and China have much direct power and influence over the USA’s ability to reinforce its troops. China is playing its card very quietly and effectively with great skill. The USA and the West are wasting their military and financial strength in Central Asia with no real strategic goal in mind.

China has much to gain by allowing the U.S. forces to continue to wear out their troops and equipment in Afghanistan under Chinese eyes. Via listening posts in Western China, at the Chinese mining interests in Afghanistan, etc., China can electronically and visually spy on the latest U.S. military weaponry and tactics being used by U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

The USA is exhausting its military in Afghanistan, which means the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38 (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) grows stronger and the USA and the West grow weaker the longer this war drags on. Obama is the USA’s Commander-in-Chief, but I wonder if he has ever fired so much as a BB gun. His lack of military sense is obvious.

One final point. As I’ve noted in previous blogs, Ezekiel 38:2-6’s list of the Gog-Magog nations includes “Cush” (translated “Ethiopia” in the KJV). The Cushites have placed their name in the modern world on the “Hindu Kush mountains,” which straddle Pakistan and Afghanistan and are a hotbed of anti-American Taliban/Al Queda sympathizers. And now we hear that China has long been a secret Taliban ally. It appears that Ezekiel 38 has accurately predicted every aspect of the modern global alliances, and it did so 2,500 years ago. Only a Divine Creator could have inspired that ancient prophecy and be bringing it so precisely to pass today.