March 27, 2009
Steve Collins

While searching the web for another story, I came across this one which I’m passing on to readers of this blog. The title of this blog is the title of a article from The Tribune Democrat of Johnstown, PA which was written in August, 2007. This was not a “scare” headline from some late-night radio show. It was written by Zachary Hubbard, a retired US Army officer  who has a Master’s Degree in Military Art and Science from the US Army Command and General Staff College. This article (see first link below) should have been picked up by the major media and reported to the American public to warn them of China’s intentions. However, this article was “spiked” by the American media and it went no further. When you read it, you’ll see why.
What really captured my attention was that the author of this article was familiar with the book, Unrestricted Warfare, by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui of the People’s Liberation Army of Communist China. This book has been cited on several previous blogs at my website, and the book is an English-language version of China’s plan to conquer America via unconventional methods (economic, monetary, social, electronic, etc.). Keep in mind that this article was written in August, 2007, well before the current crisis which has the world’s economic system teetering on the brink of a cliff.

Mr. Hubbard (I will use this name as I do not know his former military rank and cannot cite it) lists many ways that China has been (and is) waging unconventional war against the USA (many of which I’ve also discussed on previous blogs). He lists China’s massive appetite for natural resources and its efforts to gain control over oil fields in Venezuela, Cuba, and the Caspian Sea region as well as to dominate the natural resources of Africa where China has an estimated 700 ventures (and that was in 2007!). He notes the fact that Communist Chinese companies now control both ends of the Panama Canal. Obviously, their agents will seize control of (or scuttle) the Canal in any future war the hour it begins so US Navy ships cannot use it to reinforce US  forces in the Pacific Ocean. China is also heavily involved in the nuclear missile program of Iran, and China has also provided “sophisticated Chinese cruise anti-ship missiles” to Iran to use against US ships in the Persian Gulf when/if Iran tries to choke off the western world’s oil supply at the Straits of Hormuz.
It is interesting that this article also openly discusses how China benefited from Clinton administration decisions which transferred vital military and ballistic missile technology to Communist China (whether this was done deliberately or witlessly the Creator surely knows). China has used the NAFTA Treaty to weaken the USA and develop transit routes for its goods and agents into the USA via Mexico. It also discusses the “alarming” Chinese military advances in cyber-warfare (which I have blogged on), but he relates new information I had not previously seen. He reveals that China has compromised the security of “Falconview, a flight-planning software” used by the US Army and US Air Force, and states the obvious in writing that “such information could be used to help interdict US flight operations against Chinese forces in a future conflict.” Why wasn’t this intelligence coup by China reported in the mass media?

The article also notes what I and many others have also noted: that China has gutted America’s manufacturing base and weakened America with economic/currency manipulation measures. He also reported a new fact of military importance with relevance to Ezekiel 38’s prophecy. He reveals that (as of August, 2007) “about 15% of the PLA’s 2-million man force has been converted into a modern, highly-mobile force designed to conduct rapid operations…” While he sees Taiwan as the logical target for such actions (and he may be right in the short-term), China is also accomplishing a long-term goal consistent with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38. This prophecy reveals China, along with Russia, Iran and many other nations, will launch a global World War III in a surprise “Pearl Harbor-like” attack on the USA and all the western world. China’s transformation of much of its army to adapt to rapid deployments elsewhere is something that must happen for Ezekiel 38 to be fulfilled. It’s happening.

He also comments on the repeated instances where Chinese products (pet food, toothpastes, toxic lead and chemicals in toys and clothing, etc.) were found to be contaminated. He infers this could be part of China’s “asymmetric warfare against the United States.” It occurred to me these repeated contaminations may serve another purpose. China may be placing such compounds into various Chinese products to determine how quickly (or whether) the USA will even notice that they are there. A massive poisoning of America via Chinese products would logically be a part of any future “asymmetric” Chinese attack upon America and its allies. Knowing how quickly such contaminations will be discovered could have a role to play in when (and how) China attacks the USA in the future. If China could have Mexican and American food suppliers (which were Chinese subsidiaries) obtain food contracts to supply American military bases, it could insert poisons into the food streams of America military bases just prior to an attack. I’m sure you can use your own imagination and come up with many ways America’s dependence on Chinese products could be turned to China’s advantage in a future war. Ezekiel 38 reveals such an attack is inevitable in the latter days of our age and China will not be acting alone.

The article wrote rather prophetically that “the Chinese appear ready to foreclose on the United States.” Now the US financial system is stressed to the point that what would have previously been seen as utterly reckless spending bailouts are being tried to keep the system from collapsing. If China does not pull the plug on the US dollar, you can be sure that China is demanding (and getting) geopolitical and economic concessions behind closed doors. China, may indeed, be one of the nations about to “foreclose” on the USA by ending the US dollar’s role as the global reserve currency. The second link below reports that China is now openly calling for the replacement of the US dollar as the globe’s reserve currency and is hinting that such a new currency must have gold and silver backing. China’s declaration was made just prior to the G-20 meeting. A coincidence? I doubt it. The third link repeats China’s worries about the USA’s handling of its economy and currency and reports that the USA is running out of lenders for its insatiable appetite for debt. You may have seen the headlines that the Federal Reserve Board announced that it will buy well over a trillion dollars of US Treasury and US agency debt. This is very ominous news. It means that the US government cannot find enough lenders to borrow its endless supply of debt paper so the Fed has to “create money out of thin air” to buy it from the US government. This action means the US government’s finances are in such a state of siege that the Fed is taking desperate measures. The financial media won’t say it in such stark words of course. It isn’t just China that is ready to overthrow the US dollar’s role as the global reserve currency. The fourth link below reports a UN panel is recommending the same thing.

America’s day of reckoning for its profligate spending policies of the last several decades is drawing near. People cannot violate every financial law and not expect severe consequences. The USA thought it was “too big to fail” no matter what it did. It was wrong. The same logic applies to nations.  The only question is how long we have left before that day of reckoning is upon us. When it comes, Americans will be shocked at the repercussions that will occur within our nation. Major systemic changes in global politics and finances are looming. If you have not read my article (available at this website), Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System?, I urge you to do so. The Bible has much to say about a global economic/financial/monetary collapse in the latter days and what will emerge from the chaos. You need to know what biblical prophecy reveals is going to happen.