A reader sent me the link below and I’m passing it on to everyone for you to evaluate. The link, from a source which monitors electronics issues, reports that the U.S. government is conducting a rather wide surveillance of cell-phone users who have GPS tracking devices. The link reports that a tape recording made at a secret industry meeting captured a Sprint spokesman as saying that government law enforcement agencies issued 8 million requests to Sprint to track individual cell phone users’ exact GPS location. The cell-phone users were, presumably, all unaware, that they were being tracked.

This is just the number of tracking requests made for Sprint customers. That total does not included the tracking requests made by government agencies to monitor cell phone users who use AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. One wonders how many more millions of individual tracking requests were received by all these other cell phone companies.

A Sprint spokesman indicated that while the tracking surveillance program exists, the 8 million total represents not the number of individuals being tracked on the Sprint network, but rather the number of “pings” generated for “specific location information” about its customers. Maybe some of you will find some comfort in that explanation. The link refers to this secret tracking of Americans with GPS-enabled cell-phones as “Orwellian.” If GPS-enabled cell-phones can be tracked, then it begs the question of how many other GPS-enabled automobiles, trucks, boats, etc. are also being regularly and individually tracked by the government. The Sprint total alone is so huge that it can hardly be possible that all these cell-phone surveillance requests have to do with tracking possible terrorists. Is the government building electronic travel data-bases for as many U.S. citizens as possible?

Those of you who are concerned by privacy issues will find this link below to be of considerable interest. Revelation 13:16-18 prophesies that there will be a very high level of government control over economic and commercial transactions at the end of the latter days when the “beast” power comes into existence. That being the case, it would hardly be a surprise if the beast power sets up a “big brother” monitoring program for all people via GPS tracking data in everyone’s cell-phones. Maybe its already happening…