In the midst of the endless media reports about the rising number of COVID-19 infections and death rates from this virus, I wanted to offer readers a bit of hope that a treatment for COVID-19 may be available sooner than most people realize. Notice I said a “treatment” might be available soon, not a “vaccine.” As many in the scientific community have pointed out, a vaccine for COVID-19 could be a year to a year and one half away due to the need to conduct extensive human trials to see if any new vaccine is both safe and effective. There are reports, cited by President Trump and others around the world, that an off-the-shelf, anti-malaria drug, Chloroquine (or various derivatives of it), is a surprisingly effective drug in treating COVID-19 cases. Some Leftist media sources mocked Trump for asserting that, but this post will give you scientific evidence he was right.

In clinical trials being conducted in France and Europe, Chloroquine has already shown some remarkably positive results (first link). A French infectious diseases unit in Marseilles, France conducted a small-scale test of Chloroquine on 24 patients infected with COVID-19 and within 6 days, 3/4ths of them were virus-free. A large-scale test of Chloroquine on 3200 humans infected with COVID-19 is now being conducted in several European nations. If these results are positive, I expect European nations will start mass treatments of COVID-19 patients with Chloroquine, especially given how many people are dying of the virus in Italy, Spain, France, etc. More details about this mass study in Europe can be found in the second link. Have you, even heard about this remarkable drug-treatment result and the mass study currently being conducted in France and other European nations? If the large-scale test is as positive as the small-scale test, the intensive use of Chloroquine may be adopted worldwide to save lives and stop this virus’s advance. If this occurs, we will be within sight of the end of this pandemic’s threat to the global population and the economic health of all nations.

Other nations, seeing the hope of an effective treatment for COVID-19, are also conducting similar tests involving Chloroquine. The third link describes clinical tests underway in Bahrain and Belgium, with a health care spokesperson in Bahrain saying the positive early results are “profound.” In a personal story, the fourth link offers a testimonial from a Florida man infected with COVID 19 who went from “death’s door” to being recovered via the use of hydroxychloroquine. It is well worth your time reading his story as it puts a personal face on this critical treatment option. Tests involving Chloroquine treatment for COVID 19 in the USA are also beginning. The fifth link relates that an FDA-approved test to be conducted by the University of Minnesota hospital is looking for sufficient volunteers to begin the clinical trials. I don’t know about you, but if I was infected with this virus in Minnesota, I’d be a volunteer. Given that this drug has been successfully used for malaria treatment for years, its use for COVID-19 treatment simply amounts to an “off label” use for Chloroquine to help halt this current pandemic.

As if the above isn’t enough to pique your interest, the sixth link reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci, a very prominent infectious disease expert on President Trump’s inner team responding to this pandemic, has responded in the affirmative when asked whether he would recommend physicians using Chloroquine now for their COVID-19 infected patients. As the link points out, the efforts by the Leftist media outlets have tried to portray Trump as being unscientific in his advocacy of Chloroquine for treating and halting the pandemic, but Dr. Fauci’s agreement with him shows the Leftist media is, as usual, promulgating “fake news” on the topic. Dr. Fauci’s positive comments do indicate doctors should be using this treatment option already. The fact is we need an effective treatment or cure as soon as one can be found, and promising early outcomes with Chloroquine argue that an effective treatment could soon be on the way. It does seem that media outlets are more interested in fomenting panic about this pandemic instead of focusing on a very real treatment option that may soon be available.

As I noted in a previous post, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly does fulfill a biblical prophecy in Matthew 24:7-8 about “pestilences” being present on the earth in the latter days of this age. There may be more of them in the future, but the current pandemic may soon have a drug to stop its human toll. I hope and pray the Chloroquine tests are positive and this drug can be used to save lives and minimize this pandemic as soon as possible.

I hope this offers you some encouragement! If you know of anyone who is infected with the COVID-19 virus, please share this post and its information with them. If you become infected with it in the future, I suggest printing this post out and showing it to your physician if that time comes.