An important geopolitical/military development is occurring with little publicity in the mainstream media, but it is noteworthy nonetheless. The world is very familiar with NATO and its famous Article 5 which means an attack vs one of its members is an attack upon all of them. That is a formidable alliance which any aggressor has to take very seriously.  A similar alliance is forming in the Indo-Pacific region, and some are regarding it as an “Asian NATO.” Not all the members of this new alliance are clearly identified yet, but many are.

The first link addresses the topic of an Asian “NATO” forming in the aftermath of a summit meeting between the leaders of the USA, Japan and South Korea. These nations have no choice but to be the core of a new Asian alliance, given the existential threat they face from North Korea and China. The link identifies Australia and New Zealand as logical additions to this Indo-Pacific alliance that is coalescing. It also notes that likely members of this new Asian alliance are already attending NATO conferences in Europe to coordinate national strategies. The second link has the same article, but I have included it as it was posted on NATO’s own website–giving more than tacit approval to the contents of the article in the first link.

The third link notes the closer ties developing between the AUKUS alliance (Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA) and Japan and South Korea. Significantly, both the UK and the USA are members of NATO as well. The fourth link reports that the USA, Japan and Australia are holding joint naval maneuvers in the South China Sea in a direct challenge to China’s hegemonic effort to make that international maritime region a part of China. These three nations are three parts of the “Quad” alliance which includes India with these three nations. The link also reports that this maneuver is being held roughly coincident with China recently bullying Filipino ships on the seas. The fifth link reports that Japan and the Philippines will soon be formalizing a military pact with each other, and that this pact would include the USA as well. This new pact is called JAPHUS in the link. Importantly, the link hints that one of the purposes of this alliance is to be protective of Taiwan.

As you can see, there is a process emerging wherein AUKUS, the Quad, JAPHUS and the tripartite alliance formed by JAPAN, South Korea and the USA will all likely merge into a new type of Asian NATO. Whether it will include a clause like NATO’s Article 5 is not clear at this early point. What is clear is that the prime power causing this alliance to develop is China! It is Chinese belligerence, militarism and unreasonableness which is driving these Indo-Pacific nations together. Singapore is a very likely addition to this eventual alliance and Vietnam is a possibility. One nation being courted is Indonesia. The sixth link reports that Indonesia has recently chosen to add F-15s to its air force. This addition of Western military hardware “moves the dial” of Indonesia moving closer to the new Indo-Pacific alliance.

There is also a germane military development which is worth citing in this post. The USA’s Marine Corps has decided to purchase the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system (seventh link). This defensive weapons system is highly-regarded, and it will almost surely be placed, among other locations, at Guam, Guam hosts a major US military presence and would surely be a prime target in any war between the USA and China. Guam needs its defenses bolstered and the Israeli Iron Dome system would be a very welcome and formidable deterrent to any attack.

The eighth link offers an analysis that the failure of Russia to win any quick victory over Ukraine when it invaded that nation is giving pause to China’s plans to invade Taiwan. Russia did not realize that its main battle tanks and all its other armored vehicles were inferior to Western anti-tank weaponry used by Ukraine’s military. It is also clear that Russia’s logistics failures mean that Russia never even considered that the Ukraine would be able to defend against a prolonged invasion by Russia. That Ukraine was able to sink Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the large warship called Moskva, is also very relevant to Chinese invasion plans for Taiwan. Ukraine was in a geographic disadvantage vs. Russia in naval matters, but still was able to sink Russia’s flagship. If China was to try to invade Taiwan, its lumbering troop transports would be subjected to missile, bomb and torpedo attacks for hours before they ever reached Taiwan. How many would be left after running such a gauntlet? Ukraine’s sinking of the Russian flagship informs China that the NATO/Western naval weaponry that would be used against a Chinese invasion fleet may be much more successful than China expects. China also has to see that if it invades Taiwan, intervention by Japan and the USA is almost inevitable.

The final link offers an analysis that the American navy is still much more powerful than the Chinese navy. I hope that is right! China has built aircraft carriers, but still has not displayed any front-line skill in deploying them far from Chinese shores, the Chinese naval pilots have zero combat experience and their skills in performing nighttime operations is questionable. However, the final link doesn’t consider that China’s opening move in any war might be to use blasts of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons against American/Allied fleets. Have any American/NATO ships ever been tested to see if their digital control systems are sufficiently “hardened” to continue functioning after such an attack? Will American/Western warplanes still work after an EMP blast? If Chinese EMP weapons disabled American/Allied fleet operations at the beginning of a conflict, the USA would have no choice but to “go nuclear” against China right away. The early use of EMP weapons right away would likely launch World War III in a hurry.

Decades ago, I warned and wrote that Ezekiel 38-39 revealed much about the start, the motive, the tactics, the alliances and the outcome of World War III, which is prophesied to occur at the end of our current age in a global World War III. I first wrote and lectured about this chapter’s prophecies in 1987, and expanded it into a major research report in 2008. It is entitled, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, and the report is free at my website, Every believer should know about the content of Ezekiel 38-39 as Ezekiel 38:8 and 16 specifically assert the prophecy is for the end of our age (the “latter days” or “latter years”). This report also “connects the dots” between Ezekiel 38-39 and many other related “latter day” biblical prophecies. In light of the current efforts to form an Asian NATO. it is especially worth reading this report as it is entirely compatible with this new Indo-Pacific alliance that is developing. Also worth reading on this topic is Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy, the content of which included a mention of a then-future alliance including Japan, the USA, India and Australia (later named “The Quad”). That biblical prophecies could so accurately predict the modern alliances of the 21st century is strong evidence that only an all-powerful Creator could predict this future and shape world events to make sure these biblically-prophesied future developments came to pass.