There are more media articles wondering whether a military confrontation is about to erupt over North Korea’s continuing to develop a nuclear program to eventually hit the USA and other nations. There are reports that North Korea intends to detonate another nuclear weapon this weekend. If it does, there may be “hell to pay” in terms of consequences. At this point, a possible confrontation could erupt in several different ways, with it currently not being clear regarding who will be acting vs. North Korea and which nations might cooperate in such a strike.

The first link, second link and third link offer varying perspectives on the gathering crisis in the Korean Peninsula. The first link details the rapidly-improving relations between the leaders of Japan and the USA as they are both confronted by North Korea’s threats. If a military strike is launched to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile-development programs, it will almost certainly be a coordinated action by the USA, Japan and South Korea. President Trump took an extraordinary action of ordering a US carrier task force to retrace its path and go back to the Korean theater after it was already at Singapore on its way to a port-of-call at Australia. This action shows how serious the situation has become. The carrier task force’s personnel surely were looking forward to a recreational port call and I assume many families may have had plane tickets to join their loved ones in Australia when the task force reached that destination. To send that carrier back to duty near Korea at this time confirms the seriousness of the possibility of military force being used vs. North Korea. One link also notes that Japan is sending one of its new carriers (helicopter only at this point) to join the US carrier task force. Japan has every reason to join the USA in any military action. North Korea reportedly has a large stock of chemical weapons, and Japan fears that North Korea could already hit Japan with such weapons long before it obtains deliverable nuclear weapons (fourth link). South Korea is even more threatened than Japan due to its proximity to North Korea. That makes the necessity of military intervention a very urgent matter.

In what may not entirely be a coincidence, the USA has just staged a second major military action as its carrier task force is heading toward North Korea. The first major action was the launching of 59 cruise missiles from US Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea toward a Syrian air base. The second action involved just one bomb, but it had far more destructive force than that volley of cruise missiles. The US Air Force dropped on ISIS forces in Afghanistan what has been called the MOAB bomb, which is termed the “Mother of All Bombs” as it is so huge. According to a number of reports, it is the largest non-nuclear weapon in the US weapons inventory. Its impact is truly devastating (fifth link), and a video of the actual explosion is included as the sixth link (it was taken from such a high altitude I assume it was likely taken by a satellite.

The leaders of China and the USA just had a series of meetings in Florida. During the meeting, President Trump authorized the cruise missile attack vs. Syria. Not long afterwards, the USA drops for the first time in combat the MOAB bomb in Afghanistan. I think the timing of these actions sends a strong message to both North Korean and Chinese leaders. North Korea’s leaders may not be rational enough to “get the message,” but China’s leaders do get the message. President Trump has told the Chinese that if they do not solve the North Korean nuclear weapons threat, the USA will do it. The US carrier task force being sent to within striking distance of North Korea could deliver a punishing blow to North Korea, but it would not be acting alone. There are US Air Force planes stationed in both South Korea and Japan (and Guam) that could join the strike as well as US submarines which could deliver tomahawk cruise missiles on North Korean targets. I wonder how many MOAB bombs are currently located at USAF bases within range of North Korea? The USA may have sent a message to North Korea and China about what weaponry can be dropped on North Korea’s nuclear weapons facilities if it doesn’t abandon its nuclear program.

The the seventh link and eighth link indicate that China may be readying to deal with North Korea itself. China has threatened North Korea with military action if North Korea doesn’t stand down and 150,000 Chinese troops have reportedly been sent to its North Korean border. They could be used to either reinforce North Korea if a large war erupts or they could be used to invade North Korea to seize the North Korean nuclear weapons facilities, depose North Korea’s dictator and make North Korea a “safe” vassal of China. China, as I’ve documented in many previous posts, is also preparing to wage and win a war against the USA in either a global or regional setting. However, China will not want to start such a war until it is ready to do so on its own terms and at a time and place of its choosing. China does not want North Korea acting as a “loose cannon” which draws China into a war with the USA when China is not yet ready for such a war. Diplomacy may yet avert a confrontation, but the chances of a military solution to North Korea’s nuclear/chemical weapons programs are rising steadily.

There is a “latter day” biblical prophecy which has come to my mind that seems relevant to what is now happening in the world. It is noteworthy that the British voted to leave the EU to reclaim control over their own future and the USA elected Donald Trump as a nationalist, pro-American president. Neither reality was expected by the global power structure. However, they do not ultimately control what happens on the earth. The Creator God has that control, and the nations are utterly without any power to stop or hinder his plans (Isaiah 40:15-23). God has declared that he will always fulfill his biblical prophecies and that his ability to do so proves his reality and sovereignty (Isaiah 41:21-26, 46:7-11).

What biblical prophecy may apply to our current reality? It is the prophecy in Genesis 49 which contains God’s predetermined destinies for the ten tribes of Israel in the latter days. [My books, audio messages and articles all document that the modern descendants of the ten tribes of Israel are found in Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia/New Zealand, etc.] The evidence is abundant and well-documented, both from a biblical and secular basis, as readers of my books already know (the role of the USA in this ancestry can be seen in my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy.) Genesis 49 foretells that the descendants of the tribe of Joseph will be recipients of great material blessings in the latter days (their “birthright” blessings from God under his covenant with Abraham). That has surely been fulfilled for the nations of the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in our time. The USA is the single great nation promised for the descendants of Manasseh in the latter days and the other four nations are the Ephraimites who will be a multitude or group of nations in the latter days (Genesis 48:8-49:1). Manasseh and Ephraim are two brothers that were born to Joseph so Genesis 49:22-26 pertains to their descendants in the latter days.

There are many Jeremiads and “doom and gloom” prophecies being given to many Christians from many sources in the Christian Universe about the futures of the USA, in particular and western civilization, in general. However, consider the language of Genesis 49:23-24. It states that “archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him and hated him (“him” means the descendants of Joseph in the latter days). There has been abundant hatred and actions vs. the USA and its Anglo-Saxon “brother” nations in recent years and decades. The last eight years of the Obama administration witnessed the USA being weakened from within and without as Obama took actions which strengthened the USA’s enemies such as Iran. It truly looked like the USA was going “down and out” on the global scene. However, in the initial weeks of the Trump administration, there has been a radical departure from the Obama years as the USA is again cementing relations with its traditional allies and again able to treat its traditional enemies and rivals as enemies and rivals. The USA is quickly moving toward a militarily muscular policy stance and acting once again like a global superpower willing to use its weaponry to advance its interests and those of its allies. Let us look at the rest of the prophecy in Genesis 49:24 in light of this remarkable policy reversal. It prophesies; “… but his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob…even by the God of your father, who shall help you (emphasis added).” Is it not interesting that Genesis 49’s prophecy foretold the policy reversal that is now occurring in the USA in the latter days of our age?

This prophecy calls into question a lot of “doom and gloom” scenarios for the USA and its allies in the immediate future. This prophecy states that while the nations of Joseph will be hated and grieved by their enemies, God is going to strengthen the nations of the tribe of Joseph in the latter days. Notice that this promise of strengthening applies specifically to the modern nations of the house of Israel descended from Joseph. It does not apply to all the tribes of Israel in the latter days. Whether the Bible’s detractors like it or not, God is fulfilling his latter-day prophecies just as the Bible said he would. Ephraim (the UK) has decided to secede from the EU and the USA is now led by a nationalist president who isn’t afraid to use military force. President Trump has used US military power to attack Syria after a chemical weapons attack, attacked ISIS in Afghanistan with a truly devastating weapon and may be poised to use US power vs. North Korea if China doesn’t get its rogue vassal state of North Korea under control and disarm it of its nuclear weapons program. I’m not making any specific predictions about how this crisis will unfold, but I am trying to offer readers insights into modern developments in light of biblical prophecies.

I’d like to close with one other biblical prophecy for readers to consider. In Jeremiah 51:19-20, God is addressing the destiny or status of the nations of Jacob. The nations of “Jacob” could mean all of the tribes of Israel in general although this is not specifically a “latter day” prophecy. Verse 20 states: “you [Jacob/Israel] are my battle-axe and weapons of war: for with you will I break in pieces the nations, and with you will I destroy kingdoms (emphasis added).” That sounds a lot like the specific destiny of the modern tribes of Joseph in the latter day prophecy as given in Genesis 49:1, 23-24. We’ll have to wait to see how this all works out, but under President Trump, the USA (the modern nation of Joseph descended from Manasseh) is definitely starting to swing its battle-axe on the global stage.

For additional reading on these topics, I urge readers to read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, and also to obtain copies of my books on the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. If you don’t know who and where the modern descendants of the ancient ten tribes of Israel are now located, you are “flying blind” when it comes to understanding world geopolitics or what events are coming in our world’s future.