This has been a very hot summer. Indeed, it has been unusually hot. Destructive, lethal wildfires and droughts have occurred in many regions on the earth. Temperatures have been hot in North America, Europe, Asia and many places. We have also felt it here in South Dakota as well. Sioux Falls last week had 100+ degree heat three days in a row. This rarely happens here in the middle of July, but to have it happen in late August is really strange. One day recently we had a heat index of 110 degrees, but just 75 miles south of us in Sioux City, Iowa the heat index hit 122 degrees! Even so, it is not the hottest year ever for us. Our TV media reported that 1988 was considerably hotter and that it had many more days over 100 degrees than we have had this summer.

What has caused this sudden increase in high global  temperatures? The Left and their allies would have you believe this is all being caused by human activities. Scientific facts have been well-known for months that refute that view, but the truth has not been getting a lot of media coverage. Here is a major reason why this summer got so hot.

In January, 2022, a massive underwater volcano occurred in the South Pacific. It was gigantic, but it wasn’t noticed as much as it should have been because it occurred in such a remote part of the Pacific Ocean–far from any metropolis. It turns out this eruption was a rare kind of volcano. It was an underwater volcano that hurled immense amounts of water vapor into the upper atmosphere. According to the first link, a column by Erick Erickson, scientists have known ever since the event that this volcano hurled immense amounts of water vapor into our planet’s upper atmosphere, and water vapor happens to act like a “greenhouse gas”–heating up the earth’s temperature. His column cites scientific studies done soon after the eruption which indicated that “50 million metric tons of water” were hurled into the upper atmosphere, but later scientific estimates updated the figure to 150 million metric tons of water vapor. He notes that many scientific papers predicted that the summer of 2023 would be unusually warm due to the effects of the 2022 super-volcano.

Mr. Erickson also points out that government and media sources have not let it be known widely that our current heat wave is due to a volcanic eruption. The Leftist press outlets have been blaming “people, capitalism and oil companies” for this spate of hotter temperatures. He adds: “the press corps has decided to scare the bejeezus out of people” about mankind causing this sudden global heat wave. His conclusion: “By failing to tell the full story, the press has seeded a dishonest narrative about current weather.”

The second link, third link, fourth link and fifth link all support the above scientific conclusions, and go into greater detail about how this is happening. I recommend you take the time to read/view these links. You may realize that most volcanoes produce gases which actually cool the planet. This is true, but the “Hunga Tonga volcano” (its technical name) was mostly underwater so it hurled a huge column of water vapor high into the atmosphere when it atomized the water in the eruption zone. You will see in the links why some scientists believe that this eruption was so massive that it was the most powerful explosion on the planet in a century.

Revelation 16:8-9 foretold that the latter days would include a severe plague of greater heat in the earth’s atmosphere. Indeed, verse 9 predicts mankind will be “scorched with great heat.” However, that prophecy shows that the rising heat won’t be the result of any man-made global warming activities. It also won’t be the result of cow farts (something the “global warming” crowd must worry about a lot because it keeps coming up in media reports and interviews with “experts”). Verse 8 reveals this end-time spell of scorching heat will come as a result of something happening to the sun. It also reveals that an angel (obviously acting on the Creator’s command) will pour out a “vial” of something which causes the sun to emit increased heat. It is important to note that this latter-day heat wave prophesied in Revelation 16:8-9 will be caused by a Divine directive, not any man-made activity. The Creator God will be trying to get mankind’s attention and induce mankind to repent of its intensifying sins, but the prophecies do not give us much hope for any great, global repentance to occur. Individuals will be spared when they repent, and I hope that at least some cities, states or nations will repent and acknowledge their sins and be exempted from further plagues.

Remember that when Nineveh repented after a Divine sentence was pronounced upon it, its citizens merely humbled themselves before the Creator God at Jonah’s warning (Jonah 3:5-10). There is no evidence that Nineveh’s repentance was permanent, but genuinely humbling themselves before the Creator spared them from destruction at that time. Why did the Ninevites, from the king on down, repent and humble themselves before the Creator? When Jonah walked out of the mouth of a large whale (or some kind of maritime creature) in front of many witnesses, it really got that city’s attention. The book of Jonah makes clear that Nineveh heeded Jonah’s warning even though Jonah did not want them to repent. In many religious circles, Jonah is called a rebellious prophet. Actually, the truth is that he was a patriotic prophet who was willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his nation, and, significantly, Jesus Christ himself compared his own mission of self-sacrifice to that of Jonah (Matthew 12:39-41). For the full, and largely ungrasped, story of Jonah’s ministry, please read my free 2009 article, Jonah–The Misunderstood Prophet (sixth link).

Let’s get back to the topic of the 2022 mega-volcano. The links include scientific predictions that it will take anywhere from a few years to 7-10 years for all the water vapor hurled into the upper atmosphere by the 2022 super-volcano to fall back to the earth as rain. So, we should prepare ourselves for some hotter weather in the next few years. Please realize that this stretch of hotter years is not going to happen due to mankind’s activities–it is due to the natural forces of the earth itself. The above estimates, of course, assume that we don’t have more such huge undersea volcanic eruptions like the January, 2022 eruption in the South Pacific. This fact begs the question: How many underwater volcanoes are there under the oceans which could potentially erupt? The answer is that there are approximately 19,000 of them (seventh link).

Was the 2022 eruption a warning of things to come? We will find out as the future unfolds.