The title of this post asks if a “major” Hezbollah-Israeli war is imminent. As many know, a low-level war has been going on between Hezbollah and Israel ever since the October 7, 2023 massacre and mass kidnapping perpetrated by Hamas against peaceful Israeli civilians. Perhaps due to the major war Israelis are fighting vs. Hamas, an all-out war between the Israelis and Hezbollah has not yet broken out. That may change soon.

Hezbollah has launched many rockets and missiles vs. targets in northern Israel, and Israel’s military has launched attacks vs. Hezbollah targets in response. The conflict is now becoming considerably more intense, and it is fair to say that a state of war now exists between Hezbollah and Israel. Hezbollah has recently demonstrated new offensive capabilities to use against Israel. Hezbollah has launched incendiary drones to start wildfires wherever they land. At least 4,000 acres had burned in Northern Israel as of several days ago. Hezbollah also succeeded in damaging an Israeli military base and damaging an important Iron Dome air defense facility. Hezbollah has demonstrated a new ability to hit Israeli targets, and Israel cannot long wait to hit Hezbollah with a major strike to suppress Hezbollah’s attacks. At least 70,000 Israeli civilians have already been evacuated to alternate quarters in Central and Southern Israel to protect them. Official voices in The United Kingdom have gone on record as stating that a major war between Hezbollah and Israel will erupt by “mid June.” Mid-June is almost upon us, so be prepared in case the Mideast is engulfed in a much wider war. All the above assertions are documented in the first through the fifth links below. One link has a very impressive photo of a large fire started by Hezbollah spreading into an Israeli city as well as the size of smoke columns from these fires set by Hezbollah inside Israel.

It is my assumption that the Israeli city which is being penetrated by Hezbollah-set fires is Kiryat Shemona (multiple spellings exist). I personally relate to the fighting that has already erupted in the Northern Israel-Southern Lebanon region. In August, 2000, I was in a car which drove through Kiryat Shemona on the way to the furthest northern portion of Israel. I recall seeing the sign for the city of Dafna and our small group was looking for lodging in a town named Yuval. Long after dark, we found lodging in a kibbutz named HaGosherim. At one point, an Israeli (Yair Davidy, an Israeli author whose books on the ten tribes of Israel strikingly parallel the conclusions in my books) and I were literally at the military fence separating Israel from Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. I do not know what that border area looks like now, but then it had two, very high parallel metal fences separated by a treeless “kill-zone.” In the morning when I walked out of the building at kibbutz HaGosherim, I stared up at the massif of the Golan Heights and realized Israel would have to be crazy to ever give back those strategic heights to Syria (which used to shell Northern Israel with artillery rounds from that position).

Obviously, Hezbollah’s current attacks against Northern Israel are acts of war. Israel cannot long allow these attacks to continue. Not only must Israel act to protect its people and territory, but it also must bring the warfare to an end as Israel’s economy is significantly based on tourists coming to the Holy Land. Prolonging military conflict against Israel via its proxies may be part of Iran’s overall strategy as it deters tourists from coming to the Holy Land–thus hurting Israel economically. One of the links below states Hezbollah’s weaponry can now reach all of Israel’s territory, making it even more imperative that Israel take action to disarm Hezbollah as an existential threat to the Israeli nation. If a major war erupts between Hezbollah and Israel, I expect Israel will also destroy Iran’s nuclear- and oil-production and loading sites. Several Israeli spokespersons have referred to Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis as part of the “body” of a snake which has Iran as its “head” and that to kill the snake one must attack the head of the serpent. Iran recently fired over 300 missiles and suicide drones at Israel and few of them got through Israeli defenses or did any damage. Israel replied with a mere one or two missiles which easily penetrated Iran’s air defenses. Israel could likely devastate Iran via an attack of missiles and warplane strikes. By not calling off Hezbollah, Iran has demonstrated that it “did not get the message” that was sent by Israel–that Israel can easily disable the entire nation of Iran with one massive strike.

As this post was being readied, news broke that the IDF rescued four of the Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas at the cost of one Israeli killed in this mission of liberation (sixth link). This successful mission reminds us all of the reason for Israel’s military operation vs. Hamas. Hamas started this war with an attack against peaceful Israeli towns, and committing heinous atrocities in the process as they killed over 1,200 Israeli civilians and kidnapped hundreds more. As I see it, Israel has every right to pursue the war against Hamas to ultimate victory. President Biden is trying to stop Israel from achieving total victory, and (oddly) has done nothing to liberate the Hamas-held hostages who hold American citizenship. Indeed, he hardly ever mentions them.

If a major war erupts between the Israelis and Hezbollah (and possibly Iran itself), I expect Israel to destroy the ability of its enemies to make war on the Israelis. Zephaniah 2:1-11 and Zechariah 12:1-10 give me reason to have such a viewpoint.