Steven Collins
July 29, 2007
Remember the “Star Wars” movie in which Luke Skywalker and his allies fought an army of “droids?” The “droids” were “androids” or robotic warriors. A recent article reveals that the USA and Europe are actively working to develop such androids, and this development has a biblical connection. Before discussing modern droid armies, a biblical digression is needed.
Those who are familiar with my writings know that I believe the pre-Flood world of Noah’s time was a very “hi-tech” society at the time it was destroyed. An audio message posted at this website offers evidence supporting this viewpoint. That message was given circa 1989, and much more evidence confirming that viewpoint is available today. Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18 confirm that the book of Jasher was once regarded as an inspired book in whatever Canon of Holy Literature was available in ancient times. Versions of the currently-available book of Jasher have obvious errors and later insertions, but the book rings true during the pre-Flood and patriarchal periods. Jasher IV:18 records that pre-Flood mankind “taught the mixing of animals of one species with the other.” Modern man has just begun to map the DNA genomes of current species and to mix the DNA of various animals and plants together. This would be impossible without electricity and all the hi-tech equipment available in modern laboratories. Pre-Flood mankind would have needed all the same technologies as well, and Jasher’s account indicates that pre-Flood mankind’s efforts at genetic mixing had become so extensive that it had “corrupted…all men and all animals” on the earth. This gives new insights into Genesis 6:12’s account that “all flesh had [become] corrupted,” and verse 9’s comment that only Noah “was perfect [whole or complete] in his generations.” Maybe Noah’s family was the last one on earth that didn’t have animal-based “designer DNA” in its genes?
Jesus Christ also prophesied in Matthew 24:37 that human societies during the latter days of this age would mirror the societies in Noah’s pre-Flood world. That fact that mankind is now pursuing ” designer DNA” mixtures between mankind, animals and plants (creating “chimera” species) combined with Jesus’ prophecy and Jasher’s account indicates that pre-Flood mankind had the same advanced technologies available to modern mankind. Indeed, I doubt that modern mankind has caught up to the technological development of pre-Flood mankind.
What does this have to do with a “droid” army? Bear with me. In the aftermath of the Deluge, mankind set about recreating the same technologies that pre-Flood mankind had possessed. Within a short time, mankind had reached a technological “tipping point” where they would have rebuilt the pre-Flood world’s technologies if God didn’t do something drastic to stop it. Genesis 11:4 records mankind was building a “tower” at Babel whose “top” [Hebrew “rosh”: its top-most or head-most part] would “reach unto heaven.” Notice the entire tower wasn’t intended to reach the heavens. Only the “top” or “head” portion of that “tower” was intended to actually reach into heaven. This “tower” was no tall ziggurat! The Creator has never cared how tall mankind makes its buildings. A tall building wouldn’t have caused drastic action on God’s part to stop it. The “tower” at Babel was something far more advanced that a large ziggurat. Modern mankind has lots of “towers” whose top or head portions are intended to reach earth orbits or fly into the heavens. Think Cape Kennedy, Saturn Rockets, etc.
Now you realize why God had to take drastic action to stop the technological progress at post-Flood Babel. It was not in God’s plan that mankind would again duplicate the pre-Flood civilization’s technologies until the very end of this age just prior to return of Jesus Christ/the Messiah (Matthew 24:3 and 37). When God gave all the people at Babel a variety of conflicting languages, it stopped all work and cooperation on mankind’s post-Flood, “hi-tech” projects.
The post-Flood society at Babel was so advanced technologically that God Himself stated in Genesis 11:6 that “this they begin to do…now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”  In other words, God acknowledged mankind had reached the point where its technologies were not only recreating the pre-Flood world, but also that mankind was about to implement anything they imagined to do!! God stopped mankind’s efforts abruptly when he changed their languages. Each nation could still speak a new language, but they were all instantly illiterate. The Bible does not state God gave anyone a written language to accompany their new spoken language. This has led to the development of various writing systems and alphabets around the planet as mankind re-created written languages to accompany their new phonetic languages. Evolutionists mistakenly assume mankind’s modern writing systems represented the first writing systems ever achieved by mankind. In fact, ancient mankind had a common language and writing system, but the confusion of the languages at Babel “put all nations into a stone age” from which it has taken millennia to implement new writing systems and recover previously-known technologies.
As the 20th century dawned, mankind imagined “going to the moon” as they read novels by Jules Verne. In 1969, mankind reached the moon. Mankind imagined new super weapons as Einstein’s theories and subatomic particles were understood. By 1945, nuclear weapons were unleashed. Who knows what secret weaponry is now being developed (or has already been developed) in hidden labs around the world. This brings us to a possible “droid” army now under development.
The July, 2007 issue of National Geographic magazine has a fascinating article called “Swarm Theory” examining the mathematical understanding of how movements among individuals in herds of animals, flocks of birds and schools of fish create organized and seemingly instantaneous movements in the overall group. If you’ve seen how schools of fish or herds of wildebeests move to evade predators, you’ll understand this kind of movement. According to the National Geographic article, Swarm Theory is now being used by several groups of researchers to develop robots who can work together to achieve military objectives. The article states on p. 141: “the military is eager to acquire [these] capabilities. On p. 140, it adds that a group in Brussels, Belgium is working on a European effort to develop robotic teams called “swarmanoids” who can: “transport things on the ground…climb walls and manipulate objects…fly around, providing information to the other units.” One military goal of Western world researchers is to have “teams of robots [which could]…be sent into a hostile village to flush out terrorists or locate prisoners.” Having robot soldiers (or “droids”) would have the obvious advantages of reduced human casualties and the destroyed and crippled droids also wouldn’t need VA benefits. The article adds that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the USA) has “…robotic programs using collaborative flocks of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, schools of torpedo-shaped underwater gliders, and herds of unmanned ground vehicles.” DARPA is clearly thinking of applying swarm theory applications to a wide variety of robotic “droids” to be used in many military applications.
The article states that in 2004, robot developers in the USA had already tested the use of “a swarm of pint-sized robots” to locate six hidden objects in a building. The robots were equipped with “eight sonars on each unit…web-style cameras…and wireless network gear” to facilitate interactions within the robotic team. The test was a success! That test was over three years ago. How much have they progressed since 2004? One researcher is quoted as saying; “Now we’re looking to see if we can do it with a thousand robots” (p. 141). 
The above tests are designed to perfect the software programs needed to enable robotic armies to work successfully together to implement their objectives. The National Geographic article indicates the software is being developed rapidly. Remember, this level of development is what is now being openly admitted to the public. Who knows how far the development has actually progressed? Of course, robotic soldiers or unmanned weaponry would also require a parallel workforce to develop the “hardware” for a droid army (the actual robotic soldiers into which the software will be downloaded). Obviously, to oppose hostile soldiers in combat, any droid warriors would need to be maneuverable, armored and armed. Since the article states the military is “eager” to have robotic soldiers, you can be certain that DARPA has been working on the “hardware” issues as well as the “software” issues involved in creating a droid army. Could some of the USA’s desired robotic army already be built, awaiting only the advanced “swarm theory” software programs to be developed and downloaded into their circuitry to be activated?
Once a robotic or “droid” army is developed, it will do whatever its creator/programmers tell it to do. It could fight enemy soldiers and patrol national borders, but could it also be used as a domestic police force to control civilian populations? Remember Jesus Christ’s prophecy that the latter days of this age would mirror the time of Noah just prior to God’s Divine intervention. Modern mankind is not developing a high-tech society for the first time today. We are simply repeating a cycle which has happened before on the earth. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that by his lifetime, there was already “nothing new under the sun.”
Mankind imagined it would like to fly and now we have many flying machines. Mankind imagined going to the moon….and invented machines that took it to the moon. Mankind imagined a superweapon based on atomic theories and we have had nuclear weapons for decades. Mankind is now imaging “droid” armies and many other things. An earlier posting at my Gog-Magog blog at this website documented that the Chinese are working on a nanotechnology-based weapon of mass destruction. God said “whatever mankind imagines, it will do.” Mankind did not evolve from brainless primordial slime. Mankind was created with very powerful minds that were “in the image of the Creator Elohim” (Genesis 1:26). Unfortunately mankind sinned in the Garden of Eden and has been sinning ever since so God, like a loving Father, has to periodically limit mankind’s capacities or prerogatives in order to keep it from destroying itself. Matthew 24:20-21 prophesies another such time for Divine intervention will occur at the end of our age.
A droid army may or may not be deployed in the years ahead of us, but the developmental work to deploy a droid army has clearly been going on for years. There may be other incredible things being developed in the “black projects” of the major nations on this earth. As I glean or receive more information about such things, I’ll let readers of this blog know about them