August 7, 2008
The world has focused for years on the efforts by Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. However, Iran may have another secret WMD program up its sleeve. According to report at the links below, Iran may also be developing biological weapons as it is importing “hundreds of monkeys” from Africa to an Iranian facility that has been (according to some sources) “conducting biological weapons testing.” The report also indicates monkeys are being sold to “the Chinese military.” These reports indicate that Iran (and China) are likely working on biological weapons programs utilizing monkeys (or monkey parts) in their labs.
Since Iran and China are both importing monkeys for secretive “research purposes,” they may be cooperating in developing new viruses and biological products to use as weaponry against either a mass population or small targeted sites. Personally, I doubt they have peaceful intentions with these programs due to Ezekiel 38’s prophecy that Russia, China and Iran will cooperate in a surprise attack against the western world in the latter days of our age. Russia and China are shielding Iran’s nuclear program from being stopped by the international community, and Russia has provided Iran with its nuclear facilities. It would not be a surprise if they working together to develop new biological weapons as well.,2933,376853,00.html >