The UN agency that is responsible for inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities has found evidence that Iran’s nuclear program may be much more advanced than previously realized by anyone in the Western world. The IAEA has uncovered evidence that Iran may have an “advanced secret nuclear warhead design” known as a “two-point implosion device” which is so advanced that only the USA and the UK were known to possess it. This technology would allow Iran to build “smaller and simpler [nuclear] warheads” which would make it possible for Iran to put its nuclear warheads on its missiles.

How would Iran have obtained such technology if only the USA and the UK had it? I think the answer is obvious. Previous blogs have documented that Russian and Chinese spying in the USA is very intense, and that security at the USA’s nuclear laboratories has been remarkably lax (many supposedly secure laptop computers from those locations have “disappeared”). If Iran has this technology which allows it to place nuclear warheads on smaller missiles, then the only nations that could have given the technology to Iran are Russia and China (both allies of Iran), and either Russia or China likely stole the technology from the USA or UK.

This information greatly raises the stakes in the Mideast face-off between Iran and the Israelis. If the Iranians are close to being able to place small nuclear warheads on its current missiles, then it may be able to attack the Israelis with a nuclear strike much sooner than anyone previously realized. This information indicates Iran may have previously-unanticipated options for delivering a nuclear attack vs. the Israelis. If the Iranians have cruise missiles in their inventory which can be fired from its warplanes, Iranian F-14s (or other warplanes) could fly westward across Iraq and launch their nuclear-tipped cruise missiles at Israeli cities from launch points in the sky over Iraq or Jordan. Iran’s leader has openly announced that he intends to “wipe Israel off the map” and this advanced warhead technology may make it possible for them to do it soon. Obviously, the Israelis have no intention of meekly submitting to a new Holocaust, so if this advanced nuclear warhead technology is already in Iranian hands, the Israelis may have a lot less time to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities than they previously thought.

Iran’s leaders are not rational like the USSR’s leaders were in the Cold War. Both the American and Russian leaders wanted to survive and the policy of “Mutual Assured Destruction” (MAD) kept the peace. I’ve read media articles that Iran’s leaders are dominated by an extreme Shiite sect which believes a Shiite messiah called the “hidden Imam” will return during a global conflagration of some kind. The Iranian leaders apparently wish to “prepare the way” for their “messiah” to come by provoking a global conflagration (a nuclear war). Because of their Shiite zealotry, Iran’s leaders do not have the rationality of the Soviet leaders in the Cold War. This makes sophisticated nuclear warheads in their hands extremely dangerous.

Many nations should also be worried. This is not just an Israeli problem. Iran’s leaders consider the Israelis to be the “Little Satan.” The USA is the “Great Satan” to them. A very recent blog documented that the Iranians are smuggling large quantities of weaponry to Hamas and Hezbollah via commercial freighters. If Iran can build small nuclear warheads, they could put one in the cargo hold of an freighter bound for the USA or Europe and detonate it in a western seaport city. Could they also put such a small nuclear warhead in the cargo compartment of a civilian Iranian passenger aircraft and detonate it in a western city’s airport or have its captain divert the flight toward a large European or Israeli city and detonate the warhead there? If there is a nuclear attack against the Israelis by Iranian missiles or aircraft, some of those Iranian missiles and aircraft may be shot down over Iraq or Jordan so those two nations may have nukes falling on them if Iran attacks the Israelis. The Palestinians, Egyptians, and Jordanians live so close to Israeli cities that if Iran’s warheads aren’t targeted perfectly, Iran’s nukes could hit the territories of these Sunni nations. Many Sunni Islamic nations could be damaged by radiation from a nuclear exchange. The Sunni nations may discover that they have a need to cooperate with the Israelis in halting the menace of a nuclear-armed Shiite Iran.

Even Russia and China need to be concerned. If Iran launches Russian- or Chinese-supplied advanced nuclear warhead designs at the Israelis, the Israelis can be expected to hold Russia and China responsible and Israel could launch a significant number of their many nuclear weapons to targets in Russia and China. Israel has several German-made submarines which are presumed to be equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. At least one is presumed to be in the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean area to fire its missiles at Iran if a war begins. If China is implicated in an attack by Iran, at least one Israeli submarine could travel into the Pacific Ocean and launch its missiles at China’s most important cities and military bases. Russia and China have a vital interest in putting a leash on their Iranian client state.

Jesus prophesied there would be “wars and rumors of wars” at the end of this age (Matthew 24:6) and Paul prophesied that “perilous times” would come in the latter days (II Timothy 3:1). We are now living in times which are increasingly “perilous.” Americans should be very concerned about this development, but they are far too busy with the recently-concluded World Series, the NFL season and the endless “reality””and “fluff'”shows on TV to pay attention to the serious developments occurring in the real world. Readers of this blog realize how dangerous the world could become very quickly. If you want your friends to know about these dangers, please forward this blog to them.

FOX News should be commended for publicizing this information.,2933,572446,00.html?test=latestnews