Recently, a wave of explosions and destruction hit Iran’s nuclear weapons and missile-production facilities. This is hugely important in Mideast and global politics as it strongly continues to indicate that Iran and Israel are already involved in a war that is being carried out on an on-going clandestine level which sometimes becomes openly visible to the world. The first link and second link offer details about the explosions at Iran’s uranium-enrichment facility at Natanz as well as previous explosions and fires at a facility east of Tehran. After denying the importance of the Natanz site that exploded, Iran finally admitted it was a “new centrifuge assembly center.” This facility’s above-ground building was heavily damaged and the photos show a door was almost blown off its hinges from an explosion inside the facility. How the explosion was triggered inside the nuclear facility is unknown. Was it a bomb somehow smuggled inside the facility? Was it a cyber attack that caused machinery or explosive chemicals inside the plant to self-destruct? The answer is not yet clear. An unknown group claimed responsibility for the blast, but their name could be a “cover” for almost anyone. It is also unclear how deep into the mostly-underground facility the explosion penetrated.

Another recent major explosion and fire occurred at a site near Tehran which “analysts believe hides an underground tunnel system and missile production sites.”  Reportedly, nineteen people were killed in that incident. The third link also documents that another explosion damaged an Iranian “missile complex at Khajir.” Clearly, someone is taking a series of firm actions to make sure Iran does not develop any nuclear weapons or the missiles that could deliver them to an intended target. Since Iran is on record of stating its national intention is to “wipe Israel off the map,” Israel is widely assumed to have taken these actions, but Israel isn’t taking credit for them. What needs to be stressed is that there is no moral equivalency between Israel and Iran on any military actions taken between them. Because Iran has threatened to annihilate the state of Israel, Israel has every right to take preemptive action against Iran’s major weapons programs to ensure Israel’s national survival. Also, if Israel was responsible for these explosions inside Iran, it must be remembered that Iran not long ago launched a major cyberattack on the water facilities of the nation of Israel–seeking to deprive Israelis of their water supplies (fourth link). That cyberattack was a clear act of war against Israel and confirms Iran’s desire to wreck the ability of Israel to be a functioning nation.

The fifth link has a photograph showing very extensive damage at one of the explosion sites inside Iran, and it offers an opinion that the explosions may have been caused by a series of cyberattacks vs. Iran as was done in a “Stuxnet” cyber attack years ago. Iran is threatening retaliation vs. whoever is responsible for these explosions (sixth link), but it will first have to be able to prove who did it. Indeed, if it was Israel, then Israel’s actions were merely retaliation for Iran’s recent cyber attack against Israel’s water infrastructure to deprive Israeli citizens of a reliable water supply. Israel has also just launched a new spy satellite which will surely include among its roles the monitoring of any possible Iranian nuclear or missile-development sites (seventh link). The Iranian-Israeli conflict could develop into a major Mideastern war. There are some who think the USA had a role in the recent explosions at the above-described Iranian facilities, and Iranian-backed militias inside Iraq are cited as being responsible for recent rocket attacks vs the US embassy in Baghdad. The rocket attacks vs the US embassy and other targets inside the “Green Zone” have clearly induced the USA to install at least one Patriot anti-missile battery to defend the embassy (eighth link). Iran also periodically threatens to shut down access to and from the oil-rich Persian Gulf oil states by blocking the Strait of Hormuz. If Iran did so, it would almost surely mean, war, would result as it would be an attack by Iran against not only the Sunni Arab nations but also the commerce of the world.

If a war occurs between the Israelis and Iran, I’m sure it will not result, in the end of the Jewish state of Israel. Prophecies in Zephaniah 2 and Zechariah 12 and 14 indicate the Jewish nation will be present in the old Promised Land through the end of this age, and that it will be actively fighting in a great war vs. its enemies at the time this age ends with prophesied divine intervention. Genesis 49 is a prophecy about the destinies or traits of all the tribes of Israel in the latter days. Judah (the Jews) is prophesied in verses 8-10 to be victorious in warfare (verse 8) and that it will be a “lion’s whelp.” This prophetic symbolism is exactly correct for the modern Jewish nation. The “lion” was a traditional symbol for the tribe of Judah, and its characterization as a “lion’s whelp” means a small, young lion. The modern Jewish nation is, indeed, small in size and it also a very young nation in the modern world-existing only since 1948 so the symbolism of Genesis 49:9 is very apt.

The world is becoming steadily more dangerous. It seems that it is only a matter of time until a major regional war erupts. Will it begin in the Mideast, the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula or somewhere else? We will have to wait and see. For more about the modern tribe of Judah, please read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are JudahFor information about the USA’s prophesied role in the latter days, please read my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy.

My thanks to a reader who sent me one of these links.