As readers know, there are “negotiations” going on between the USA and the West on one hand and Iran on the other concerning Iran’s nuclear program. It seems increasingly evident to me from media coverage that the USA and the West are permeated with the spirit of Neville Chamberlain–thinking a militarizing and radical nation will suddenly turn peaceful in spite of all evidence to the contrary. The West seems to be more willing to gullibly accept that Iran’s nuclear program may be “peaceful” in its intentions. These links indicate what may really be going on in the nuclear program.

The first link is from 2012, and notice that it stated that Iran had by then “already successfully tested a neutron detonator and implosion system for a nuclear bomb.” If Iran’s nuclear weapons program had already progressed that far in 2012, it doesn’t need a lot more in the way of nuclear development to have nuclear weapons. The fact that Iran had by 2012 already tested a nuclear bomb’s detonation system conclusively proves to me that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is not peaceful in its goals. The West’s intelligence agencies must know this too. How can they accept Iran’s blandishments about “peaceful nuclear intentions” as anything but an obvious ruse and stalling tactic? The West seems to be engaging in a large amount of self-deception and denial concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

The second link documents that a massive explosion recently rocked an Iranian city at which there reportedly was a “secret uranium enrichment facility.” Reportedly, there were 50 casualties and a major fire that spread through parts of the Iranian city that either hosted or was near the Iranian nuclear facility. While we cannot know for sure, I think there is a high likelihood that the explosion was set by those who do not want Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. While we reflexively think Israel may have caused this explosion to delay Iran’s nuclear program as much as possible, we should not forget that such nations as Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Moslem allies also want Iran’s nuclear program to be thwarted or delayed as much as possible. A western source is cited as downplaying the importance of the bombed facility to Iran’s nuclear program, but I doubt Iran’s rivals would have taken the extensive and risky clandestine efforts to bomb this facility if it wasn’t important to Iran’s nuclear program. It seems obvious some parties are working hard to stop or delay Iran’s nuclear weapons program by any means available to them.

Americans and the West have, in my opinion, gone to sleep regarding the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program. Americans, in particular, need to remember that Iran has called the USA the “Great Satan” while it has called Israel only the “Little Satan.” When and if Iran constructs a nuclear device, what is to prevent it from using it first on the “Great Satan” nation? Iran also need not have an ICBM-range missile to strike the USA (or anywhere in Europe or Israel). As I’ve noted in previous posts, Iran could place a nuclear device in a very nondescript merchant ship flying the flag of a neutral nation and detonate it when it reaches an American, European or Israeli port city. How hard would it be to hide a small nuclear device underneath legitimate cargo or under a false floor in the decking of a ship? If Israel (with allies or acting alone) is going to strike Iran with a preemptive strike to stop or greatly delay Iran’s nuclear program from developing a transportable nuclear device, time may be running out for such a strike.

As readers of this blog know, Iran is named as one of the main members of the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance (Ezekiel 38:1-6) that will militarily strike the western nations in the latter days of our current age. Iran and China, another nation of the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance are making plans to do just that. Russia, named as the leader of the Gog-Magog alliance, has just bared its teeth and gobbled up the Crimea and seems poised to gobble up more eastern Ukrainian provinces. What are the western nations doing to meet this threat? So far…nothing. They are living in denial. President Obama seems especially blind to the growing threat from the prophesied Gog-Magog nations, as he wants to disarm the US military further, mothballing the vital tank-killing A-10 warplanes, reducing the US Navy and reducing the US Army to pre-World War II levels. The danger to the national security and survival of the western nations is growing, but the western nations have leaders who seem oblivious to what is happening. I wonder if God is giving them a spirit of blindness in order to bring to pass the circumstances that will make the Gog-Magog attack possible.