According to Fox News, “Iran’s nuclear program is still in chaos” from the attack of the Stuxnet worm against the computers in Iranian nuclear facilities. Indeed, the Stuxnet attack was so successful that it is not clear whether the Iranian nuclear program can recover at all from the damage. The Iranian efforts to salvage their nuclear program have also been set back by the fact that the Iranian scientist assassinated recently (discussed in a previous post) was in charge of the Stuxnet remediation effort. It is very clear that some nation or nations are playing a very hard game of “hardball” against the Iranian nuclear program.

The above attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities are, doubtless, having many consequences not being discussed in the establishment media. The Stuxnet attack’s effectiveness has demonstrated to the nations in the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) that the cyberwarfare capabilities of the Western alliance are far more advanced than they had previously dreamed. Given that German-made computer systems were attacked by the Stuxnet worm, military planners in all the Gog-Magog nations (indeed, the world) are likely wondering if all the computer mainframes and systems that they have bought from western companies are, in effect, also subject (or preprogrammed) to being attacked by variants of the Stuxnet worm. The nations of the Gog-Magog alliance may become reluctant to buy any major electronic components from western companies for fear that such components come equipped with “back doors” that can be exploited by whoever unleashed the Stuxnet worm against Iran with such effectiveness. Also, many nations (both eastern and western) have now seen how easy it is for foreign nations to cripple vital weapons and infrastructures systems via cyberattacks, and they may be scrambling to set up “manual overrides” to control and launch critical weapons and infrastructure systems in the event of future such cyberattacks.

Needless to say, Iran must be furious at the American and Israeli governments (the presumed sources of the Stuxnet worm) due to the crippling of their nuclear facilities. Iran may be planning vengeance in an unforeseen manner.

The second link reports that Iran will be shipping medium-range missiles to Venezuela, and it doesn’t take an intelligence expert to know those missiles will be aimed at American cities and targets.  The link states that the Iranian missiles, when placed in Venezuela, will be able to hit “many US cities,” and likens this to a possible new Cuban missile crisis which was precipitated when Russia placed missiles in Cuba in 1961. The third link makes a good case in identifying the likely Iranian air flights between Iran and Venezuela which are now flying the Iranian missile components into Venezuela. The second link states that Iran will soon have a “military base [in Venezuela] manned by Iranian missile officers.”

When the Cuban missile crisis occurred, there was enough sanity in both the American and Russian leaders to find a way out of the crisis without a war being started. However, that may not be the case when Iranian missiles are in Venezuela. Media reports have stated that Iran’s leaders belong to a Shiite sect which believes the Shiite “messiah,” called the “12th imam,” can only come once a great conflagration is in progress.  If Iran launches a volley of missiles at American cities from Venezuelan bases, they will get their conflagration.

The Stuxnet attack against Iran was launched to protect such Israeli cities as Haifa and Tel Aviv from being hit by Iranian missiles. If Iranian missiles are set up in Venezuela, the Stuxnet attack will have resulted in an unintended consequence: Having cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami and other American cities becoming just as threatened by Iranian missiles as Haifa and Tel Aviv.

It seems obvious that President Obama will have to make a decision on militarily taking out the Iranian missile base in Venezuela before it can go “active.” That would surely result in Venezuela embargoing oil shipments to America and Venezuela might also retaliate by launching an invasion of Colombia, its neighbor and American ally. Obama could avoid a military solution to this growing military threat to American cities if the Stuxnet worm can be re-directed to infect the computers that will control those Iranian missiles sent to Venezuela. The coming years may prove to be full of growing dangers. Given the pending threat that Iranian missiles in Venezuela will be aimed at American cities, I think it would be wise if the US Navy stationed warships with the Aegis missile-defense systems on America’s Gulf Coast to shoot down any incoming Iranian missiles from Venezuela.

Have you heard anything about this impending crisis from your establishment media sources? My thanks to a reader who sent me the second and third links.,,5937320,00.html