For years, the USA and Israel have been threatening to take military action against Iran to stop its nuclear program. Iran has been listening carefully to these threats, and, according to the first link, has been making careful plans for years to launch incredibly destructive attacks against both the USA and Israel.
The first link, which bears the title of this post, reports that Iran has infiltrated a team of 50 highly-trained terrorists into the USA who are supervised by 10 cell leaders. Their role is to attack electrical, communication and transportation infrastructure targets as well as water supply systems and military locations. The report states that these terrorist teams are scheduled to launch their attacks in 2013. The attacks are most likely to occur within six months or earlier if certain events occur (i.e. an attack vs. Iran, tighter sanctions on Iran, etc.). It also states that 170 missiles have been targeted at Tel Aviv alone, some of which have bacteriological weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in their warheads. [The report, I think, erroneously uses the term “ballistic missiles” instead of “cruise missiles”–which Hezbollah does have.] If Iran orders Hezbollah to attack Israeli cities with any weapons of mass destruction, I expect Israel will respond very aggressively with nuclear attacks on its enemies. Much of Southern Lebanon (where Hezbollah is headquartered), Damascus (Syria has been the transit point for Iranian weapons and missiles shipped to Hezbollah), Tehran and other Iranian targets and cities, and the vital sites of any other enemy who is actively attacking Israel along with Iran and Hezbollah could evaporate in nuclear mists. I suspect an Israeli Dolphin sub with nuclear-tipped missiles is now always stationed within firing range of Iranian targets. The Mideast danger threat has reached such a point that I have no doubt that Israeli warplanes with nuclear bombs are now on active alert at all times.
There is a prophecy in Isaiah 17 that the city of Damascus will become a “ruinous heap” (verse 1) in a time period identified as “in that day” (verses 4 and 7), a time period referring to either the “day of the Lord” or the “latter days” (both of which occur just prior to the unbelievably powerful return of Jesus Christ in biblical prophecies). If Israeli cities are hit by any WMD attack, Isaiah 17’s prophecy may be fulfilled right before our eyes.
This report also states that Iran is closer to having nuclear weapons than has been assumed. However, it also states the economic sanctions against Iran are now hitting it hard and that if the USA tightens sanctions further, the Iranian death squads in the USA will be unleashed. There is circumstantial evidence to support this claim. As noted in the second link, the US Senate has voted 94-0 to tighten the economic sanctions against Iran. US presidents have routinely supported such measures in the past. Most oddly, President Obama is breaking that tradition and is now opposing any further economic sanctions against Iran. Could it be that he has read the private intelligence warnings that are in the first link and he realizes that the US itself will be attacked from within if more sanctions go into effect? Obviously, the Senate can easily override any presidential veto on this matter if its wants to do so.
The entire western world assumes, as an article of faith, that Iran will peacefully and willingly submit to being attacked before it attacks the USA, Israel and other western nations. That assumption could be flawed. What if Iran attacks first?
The world could be very close to a “perfect storm” of several wars and fiscal calamities hitting at once. If you have not done so, I urge you to read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, which documents that all biblical prophecies about the climactic “latter days” of our age are being fulfilled in our modern world…now. A world which thinks the Creator God either no longer exists or will no longer intervene directly are in for a very rude shock in the future.