As the Russians continue to launch large numbers of air strikes by their warplanes in Syria in support of Syrian President Assad, they are rapidly raising the stakes. The first link reports that Iran has sent “around 1,500 fighters” into Syria in just the last few days. Obviously they will be fighting with Assad’s army to defeat all rebels groups opposing Assad’s regime. It also reports that a new wave of Hezbollah fighters is being brought in to support Assad’s army.

The second link reports that the head of Cuba’s armed forces visited Syria in preparation for the arrival of Cuban military forces in Syria to support Assad. The link also indicates that Cuban military personnel have been training in Russia before being sent to Syria. That would allow for Russia to train the Cubans in how to properly operate some higher-tech Russian weaponry once the Cubans are flown to Syria to participate in the combat there. It is also worth noting that once these Cuban soldiers are trained in the operation of Russian weaponry, they will bring those skills home to Cuba whenever they leave Syria and fly home. When/if Russia decides to deploy more sophisticated Russian military equipment to Cuba, the Cuban military will already have Cuban personnel who will be skilled in operating that Russian equipment as soon as it arrives in Cuba. This will eventually pose a threat to the USA.

Additional evidence is available that Russia is “playing for keeps” in Syria, not just doing a symbolic deployment of forces for a time in Syria. The final link reports that a large Russian aircraft carrier is being deployed from Murmansk (north of Europe) to Syrian waters. When it arrives, it will join a Chinese aircraft carrier already there. The joint operation of these carriers will give the Russians and Chinese navies a chance to practice operating together in carrying out combat missions. This will give substantial in-depth support for the ground forces of Syria, Hezbollah, Russia and Iran operating on the ground against rebels opposing the Assad regime.

Intelligence agencies in all western nations will be watching, I’m sure, to see how well these carriers perform in conducting combat operations. They should also watch carefully to see if Russian warplanes practice landing on the Chinese carrier and vice versa. If they do perform such operations, they are testing the interoperability of Russian and Chinese carriers to handle each other’s warplanes successfully. This shouldn’t be very important for operations conducted in support of Assad, but such operational exercises would confirm that Russia and China are already planning ahead for future wars in which one nation or the other could lose a carrier and would need to transfer its air assets to the carrier of the other allied nation. Ezekiel 38-39 reveal that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a surprise attack against the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel in the very end of our modern “latter day” period of time in this age. Genesis 49 and Revelation 7 affirm that all the tribes of Israel will be present on the earth in the latter days of our age. Genesis 49’s description of them confirms that they comprise a list of modern nations with differing characteristics and locations.

The USA is the leading nation of the modern “house of Israel” (a biblical term for the ten tribes of Israel), but the alliance led by the ten tribes of Israel includes all the western nations and their non-Israelite global allies as well. My article, The USA in Bible Prophecy, offers the main points of where the USA is mentioned in Bible prophecy. My books offer very in-depth information about the migrations, empires, wars and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel, and the books include copious secular historical documentation as well as biblical information. The 4-book set offers an entire history of the Israelite people from the time of Abraham and the patriarchs throughout all periods of human history until now. The “minimalists” who assert that the Israelites were just an insignificant kingdom or tribe in the ancient Holy Land couldn’t possibly be more wrong. My E-book offers a shortened version of the information available in the four-book set, but still offers approximately 600 pages of vital information for a mere $12.99. The Israelite tribes have been “hiding in plain sight” all through human history ever since their exile from the Holy Land in the 8th century BC. Isaiah 14:2 prophesied they would eventually rule over all the empires that held them captive. This prophecy was fulfilled when the Israelite Parthian Empire conquered and ruled over the regions and people of the former Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires. Hosea 1:10 prophesied they would become incredibly numerous after their exile so they will be found among the large and prominent nations on earth, not obscure ones. But I digress.

Back to Russia and its increasingly intense war against Assad’s enemies in Syria. It was always clear to serious observers that the Obama administration had no intention of fighting and winning any war against ISIL/ISIS. The USA, under Obama, never conducted a single strategic bombing mission against ISIL/ISIS. Just one large strategic bombing mission (where the USAF would have sent B-1 and B-52 bombers to drop large numbers of JDAMS munitions on the ISIL armored columns when ISIL/ISIS was parading them in long, compact lines) would have annihilated most of ISIL/ISIS’ captured armored vehicles and many of its fighters. The “shock and awe” of such a massive attack might have ended the war as it would have so terrified the surviving  ISIL fighters that they would have been running home to their mamas and their home tribes’ tents. The USAF also could have based a squadron of A-10s in the Mideast and they could have ripped apart any remaining ISIL/ISIS armored vehicles and trucks in short order. The USA could easily have done these actions, and annihilated ISIL in short order. Obama refused to do so, and Obama’s inaction tipped his hand that he had no intention of waging a serious war against ISIL/ISIS.

On the other hand, Russia is bringing in the forces necessary to defeat all rebel groups fighting against Assad and to crush ISIL/ISIS as well. Russia has decided that Assad will stay as President of Syria, and they are taking the requisite military actions to implement their goal. They are also convinced that they now have a free hand to do whatever they want to do as they need not worry about any serious opposition from the USA as long as Obama is president. Russia may only want to make sure Assad rules western Syria to make sure Russia has access to Syrian ports and airfields, or they may have a wider objective. We will soon see just how extensive their plans are for the Mideast.

My thanks to a reader for tipping me off to the third link.