A previous blog reported on the Iranian-Saudi war that is being fought along the Yemenite-Saudi border. That previous blog reported that Jordanian special forces had been called in to assist the Saudi military which is defending its border region. The Saudi border (and the Yemenite government) are under attack by the “believing youth,” an unusually large and well-armed Yemenite rebel force backed by Iran. This war is escalating.

The first link below reports that the Iranian-backed forces seized a Saudi army post at Al Jabri and sent “hundreds of Saudi soldiers” fleeing. The Iranian-backed force reportedly captured Saudi army vehicles and other military equipment. The Saudis deny the report. The second link, from the Huffington Post, adds that the Iranian-backed rebels defeated a Saudi army brigade in intense combat, and calls Yemen “a powder keg ready to explode.”

This war, almost totally ignored by the establishment media, is actually important. Shiite Iran is seeking to topple Sunni Arab governments wherever it can in order to create a modern “Persian Empire,” and the Iranian-backed Yemenite rebels are seeking to destabilize the Saudi southern border. The longer that the Yemenite rebels can hold their own against the Saudi army, the weaker it makes the Saudi/Sunni governments look in the eyes of other Moslem nations.

The third link reports that Hamas offered to mediate the conflict between the Saudis and the Iranian-backed rebels, but that Iran turned down the offer. This clearly shows that Iran is in charge of the Yemenite rebels as it is making the decisions for them. The third link also reports that the Saudis reportedly used phosphorus bombs on a rebel Yemenite town. Phosphorus bombs burn so hot that they literally “fry” people when they explode. This war is turning uglier, and the longer the Iranian-backed rebels can fight off the Saudi military, the more it will embolden Iran to destabilize all the Sunni Arab governments in the Mideast. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Saudis very quietly and “behind the scenes” turn to the Israelis for some help against the Iranian-backed forces. If the Saudis make such an approach, I’ll bet the Israelis will help the Saudis as the Israelis and the Sunni Arab governments are both very much threatened by Iranian designs for supremacy in the region. The wisdom of the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is drawing the Israelis and the Sunni Arab nations together to make common cause against Iran, their mutual threat. The Sunni Arabs, who are descended from Ishmael, the son of Abraham, may discover that they have a “blood” ally in the Israelis, who are also descended from Abraham via Isaac, Jacob and Judah.