In the murky world of media reports about the Iranian nuclear program, it is not always clear what is really happening inside Iran’s programs.However, there are two related stories that have been published by World Net Daily about which I think all readers should be aware. Both are authored by an individual who is identified as a person who served in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, giving these articles enhanced credibility.
The first link claims that devastating explosions have occurred at one of Iran’s nuclear facilities. According to this report, at least 76 people have died and many are apparently suffering from radiation sickness as a result of the explosions. Iran has denied the incident occurred, but as the first link notes, “Iranian officials have repeatedly lied about previous acts of sabotage.” Given the previously reported cyberattack on the Iranian nuclear program via the Stuxnet virus and the periodic assassination of top Iranian scientists, it seems evident that the West is doing whatever it can via unconventional and clandestine means to halt or at least slow down the Iranian nuclear program to delay an inevitable time when a decision will have to be made to either attack Iran to stop it from obtaining nuclear weapons or to accept Iran as a nuclear power. It is widely believed that Israel cannot accept a nuclear-armed Iran, given its declared intention to “wipe Israel off the map.”
The second link reports that Iran’s ruling regime “is in preparation for a major cyber attack very soon on major US facilities.” Senior Iranian generals have reportedly been making threats about Al Qaida terrorist attacks which will be unleashed against both American and European targets. I authored a post in December about Iran having pre-positioned “death squads” within America to launch terrorist strikes when they are given the green light by Iran. The second link repeats some of that same information, but it is noteworthy to see in print the charge that Iran and Al Qaida have formed an alliance to infiltrate terrorists into the USA (and Europe). If these jihadist terrorist attacks are activated, I sincerely hope that the FBI and other US security agencies can identify the terrorist cells in advance and stop their intended attacks within America, and that the security agencies of European nations can prevent similar attacks in that continent as well.
The first link also has many related links on this topic at the end of its article that readers will, no doubt, find worth reading.
Our world seems headed toward a major crisis (perhaps more than one) that could shake the current global order to its foundations. If a war breaks out between Iran and/or the USA and Israel, the subsequent consequences could unfold in a way that none of the participants or planners expect. The Creator God is in charge of the overall direction of world events in these “latter days” which were prophesied in the Bible to occur at the end of our age, and they will unfold in a manner which fulfills his biblical prophecies. 
If major terrorist attacks do occur in the USA and Europe, infrastructure and communications systems we take for granted may be damaged or destroyed if some of these attacks are successful. I hope all readers have reviewed my article, Should Christians Prepare for  Hard Times?, which I believe offers a balanced, biblical approach to this topic of personal and family preparedness. Heeding some of the common-sense content in that article could make it easier on you and your family if such attacks do occur.