There are a number of world media reports that Iran may be ready to conduct a nuclear bomb test in approximately six months. The first two links below are reports on this development from Yahoo and CBS-News. The third link is from an Israeli source,, which states that Israeli intelligence has identified the region where the Iranian nuclear test is being prepared (the Kavir Lut desert between Teheran and its eastern border with Afghanistan). If there are prevailing winds from the west at the time of this test, the radiation from an Iranian atomic test (if above ground) will spread over the US and British troops who will be downwind in Afghanistan. I’m sure the Iranians have considered that possibility.

Earlier blogs have cited media reports that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab nations may look favorably on an Israeli strike at Iranian nuclear facilities and even “unofficially” assist it. If Iran is ready to show the world it has workable nuclear weapons, the Israelis are running out of time to “do something” about this existential menace to the Israeli nation. Unfortunately, the USA, under Obama’s leadership, no longer seems to be able to recognize who its friends and foes are in the world any longer, so the Israelis may have to act alone with whatever assistance they can arrange in the Mideast region.

The Israelis have other concerns to consider. What if the Iranians decide to test their first nuclear weapon, not in an Iranian desert, but in an Israeli port city? Iran’s leaders have said they wish to wipe the Israelis “off the map.” What if they attempt to smuggle an Iranian nuclear device on a ship flying the flag of a friendly or neutral nation but which actually has a contingent of suicide bombers (planted amidst an unsuspecting crew) who will detonate a hidden nuclear device once their ship reaches an Israeli port city? Hezbollah, Syria and Hamas are Iranian allies. They could also try to smuggle a nuclear device into Israel with the assistance of an unnamed nation that would include a nuclear device within a seemingly-normal industrial shipment of heavy goods to Israel (or a shipment enjoying diplomatic immunity).  Ezekiel 38 identifies Russia, China and other nations as allies of Iran in a latter-days Gog-Magog alliance that will hate and attack the Western world at the end of our age. It is obvious Russia, China and Iran are already allies. I would suggest the Israelis check all large industrial or heavy diplomatic shipments coming into Israel with very sensitive radiation-detecting equipment. Such equipment would likely detect the presence of any nuclear device without needing to do “invasive” examinations. Of course, if the device ever gets to where Israeli Customs can physically examine it, it would likely already be “too late.” Therefore, the Mossad surely is already checking all maritime traffic destined for Israeli ports with sophisticated Geiger counters to monitor all Israeli-bound ships before they embark from their ports of origin. I’m sure the Israeli Mossad will be putting themselves in the place of the Iranians to determine how they might try to smuggle any nuclear device into Israeli territory.

Obama really ought to be concerned too. Iran calls the Israelis “the Little Satan,” but they call the USA “the Great Satan.” If Iran considers how to smuggle a  nuclear device into an Israeli port, why couldn’t they smuggle such a device into an American port city even easier? If the Iranians (or any other enemy of the USA) successfully detonates a smuggled nuclear device in a US city, the Obama administration and its agenda will head for the dustbin of history. I hope someone can “speak truth to power” within the Obama administration and convince it that its own interests require it to cooperate with the Israelis on the issue of Iran’s nuclear weapons.

The Israelis have much to be concerned about, and little time left to take whatever actions they need to ensure their survival. Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1 that the latter days would be “perilous times.” He was right.