I’d be willing to bet that most Americans do not realize an Iranian fleet of warships is nearing the US eastern coastline. As far as I know this is unprecedented. It is not clear how many warships are in the Iranian fleet, but the fact that Iranian warships are nearing US waters ought to be a major cause for concern. It is especially odd that Iran is making this provocative, and warlike, gesture just after President Obama has been warming up to Iran on the easing of sanctions and tolerating an Iranian nuclear program.

These links offer varying perspectives on this Iranian action. The third link includes an Iranian video that reveals Iranian intentions toward the USA are not at all peaceful. The first link indicates the Iranian warships will be arriving in the next few weeks and it also uses the word “fleets,” indicating more than one Iranian war-fleet is approaching the USA.

Why are they coming? The first link states that they are sending a “message,” and that is certainly true. However, what is the message? Is it a warning that if the US keeps US naval ships in the Persian Gulf not far from Iran’s shores, Iran will reciprocate by keeping warships near US coasts? Is it a demonstration of how easy it would be for Iran to launch an EMP missile from one of its ships to detonate over the East Coast of the USA, destroying US electrical functions there for months or years? I’m sure that the US Navy and Air Force will be closely monitoring the Iranian war-ships, but can they react quickly enough if one Iranian warship suddenly launches a missile with an EMP warhead on it toward the USA. If this ever happens, here’s hoping the US military can quickly destroy that Iranian missile before it reaches its detonation point. If not, the East Coast of the USA would be plunged into the lethal scenario depicted in great detail in the best-selling book, One Second After.

Something very odd is going on. With President Obama cozying up to the anti-American Iranians and distancing himself from long-standing US allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, this seems the most unlikely time for Iran to make such a warlike gesture toward the USA and for it to make such anti-American war videos as is included in the third link. Perhaps they see Obama’s acceding to Iran in the nuclear talks as a sign of appeasement (weakness) and are following it up with an action to push even harder on a president they perceive as weak. I do not know, but something odd is happening.

Finally, I will add that the USA’s foreign policy under Obama is reversing decades of previous American foreign policies and this is creating great uncertainty and dangers around the world. Israel and Saudi Arabia are not only united by a common enemy, Iran, but they are also now united by a growing distrust of their previous common ally, the USA. I look for Saudi-Israeli cooperation to grow in their mutual interests for survival and I expect Egypt and Jordan to join them.

The world is entering a state of flux as we grow deeper into the biblically-prophesied “latter days,” and its immediate outcome is uncertain. One thing is certain. Iran will be an enemy of the USA in the end of this age. Ezekiel 38:2-6 prophesies “Persia” (Iran) will be an ally of Russia and China in a great anti-western alliance that attacks the western allies at the end of this age just prior to Divine intervention (Ezekiel 38:20) when God’s “presence” arrives on the earth. Please read my homepage articles, The USA in Biblical Prophecy,and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, to determine where the USA and its allies are mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy. My audio messages re: prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel also reveal a great deal of information on this topic.