Amidst all the media reports about the scandals besetting the Obama administration, other important developments have occurred. As readers know, Iran has been attempting to build a nuclear bomb and build missiles that can attack Israeli targets. Many have been the stories speculating that an Israeli or Israeli/American attack vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities could occur “soon.”  Such stories have been extant for years, but the expected attack has not happened.
One reason an open military assault has not happened is that there has been a not-so-clandestine war against Iran to halt or delay its nuclear program as much as possible in order to buy time for another solution (a diplomatic breakthrough or regime change in Iran) so an open attack upon Iran’s nuclear facilities will not be necessary. These clandestine means of waging war against Iran’s nuclear program have included (A) the Stuxnet computer virus unleashed on Iran’s nuclear-related computers, (B) assassinations of key Iranian scientists, and (C) an explosion in January 2013 destroying or badly damaging an underground Iranian nuclear facility.
The above actions have indicated a very skillful ability by various allied intelligence agencies to monitor and penetrate Iran’s nuclear facilities. Apparently, there must be some very well-placed “moles” within the Iranian nuclear program and its facilities to make these actions possible.
Another western action has been taken to slow up Iran’s ability to attack Israel (see link). Multiple explosions have now ripped through an Iranian “missile research and storage complex.” This attack targeted the ability of Iran to put any warheads on missiles to fire them at Israel (or anyone else). How long this attack has set back Iran’s nuclear weapons program is anyone’s guess.
I think a number of nations are cooperating to help prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons or any missiles to deliver those nuclear warheads. Israel and the USA are not the only such nations that come to mind. Many regional nations could be hurt very badly if an open war with Iran breaks out in the Mideast, and other media outlets have reported re: the dangers of Iranian/Hezbollah sleeper cells being unleashed in North America and Europe if such a war occurs.
Many nations have a motive for helping to delay Iran’s nuclear program. So far Iran’s nuclear weapons efforts have been delayed by regular low-level attacks. How long this delaying effort will work is not known. What is also not known is how far Russia and China are willing to help Iran so these low-level attacks cease. Indeed, Russia and China may not want any such war to occur as it would “wake up” the West to how vulnerable it really is to the growing Russian/Chinese/Iranian alliance (known as the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38-39 to many Bible scholars and teachers). Russia and China may actually see Iran’s current leadership as a “loose cannon” that could jeopardize their long-term goals.
The continuing low-level attacks against Iran’s nuclear and missile facilities may have some very strange bed-fellows, indeed.