February 6, 2009
Steve Collins
Iran has taken two actions which indicate its military goals are advancing rapidly. It has launched a satellite into space and a new Iranian missile was launched (by Hamas) into the Mediterranean Sea. The warlike intentions of both actions are obvious.
The first link below (from the BBC) details the Iranian missile launch which put a communications satellite into earth orbit. American and European responses indicated concerns over the launch, and their concerns are quite justified. If Iranian missiles can launch payloads into space, those same missiles can also become ICBMs aimed at Europe, the Israelis and even America (as soon as Iran builds its missiles large enough).  Because Iran is also racing to build nuclear weapons, it seems apparent that Iran wants to have nuclear-tipped ICBMs aimed at the western world as soon as possible. It would be ironic, indeed, if President Obama approves a preemptive strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities when President Bush did not take such action. However, Obama currently enjoys wide public support, so he is in a much better position politically to take such an action than was President Bush.
The second link (from debka.com) reports that an Iranian C-802 ship-to-shore missile was launched by Hamas into the Mediterranean Sea. It isn’t clear if the Iranian missile was fired at any target or was just launched as a warning to the Israelis that Hamas has sophisticated missiles which could sink Israeli vessels. This is the same kind of missile that Hezbollah used to damage an Israeli naval ship during the Israeli-Hezbollah war in 2006. This Iranian missile is based on the Chinese “silkworm” missile design, and, by having Hamas fire such a missile, Iran may also be warning the USA that many such missiles could be launched at US naval ships in the Persian Gulf if President Obama authorizes an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The situation is even more complex than this. A new Israeli government will be elected very soon, an the front-runner, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced that it is unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons. Netanyahu, if elected, would be more likely to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities than the current Israeli government. The Hamas missile launch may have been a signal by Iran to the USA that such missiles will be launched at US ships in the Persian Gulf if the Israelis strike at Iran.
Ezekiel 38:5 identifies Iran (“Persia”) as being an ally of Russia and China in the Gog-Magog alliance that is prophesied to ultimately attack the western world in a global World War at the end of this age. Iran’s warlike actions indicate it is eagerly preparing to fulfill its prophesied role in Ezekiel 38. Other ramifications of the Hamas missile launch are that it confirms China is assisting Iranian military advances and that Iran has been supplying Hamas with new (more powerful) missiles.