The first three links [1, 2, 3] report overlapping perspectives on a report that a prominent Iranian media outlet charges that the Israelis and Saudis are planning to launch a joint cyber attack against Iranian nuclear facilities to slow down Iran’s nuclear program. Obviously, given the apparent weakening of the resolve of the Obama administration and other western governments to use sanctions to stop the Iranian progress toward a nuclear bomb, the Israelis and Saudis would have every motive to work together to attack Iran’s nuclear program in a bloodless cyber attack in order to forestall, or at least delay, the need for an actual military attack against those Iranian facilities.

The links detail that intensive cooperation has occurred between the Saudi spy chief and the head of the Israeli Mossad as well as their best technical staffers on how to deploy a new and improved “Stuxnet” type of virus into the Iranian nuclear facilities. One report asserts that the Saudis were willing to contribute a million dollars to help the joint effort to launch a crippling cyber attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Given the extensive intelligence contacts of the Israeli Mossad and the Saudi spy agency throughout the Mideast, I’d be willing to bet that when those two nations (both descended from Abraham) pool their resources, they will be able to locate and penetrate hidden and super-secret Iranian nuclear facilities that the USA and other western nations do not even know exist. The Sunni Saudi operatives would know how to pass themselves off as Shiite Persians and may have already infiltrated Iran’s most secret facilities many years ago.

It is evident that the Israeli and Saudi governments have lost faith in the Obama administration and the other western powers. The Saudis called the tentative US & western agreement with the Iranians “Western treachery,” and the Israeli Prime Minister called it “an historic mistake.” No doubt, they are using stronger language behind closed doors. In my humble opinion, I agree with the Israeli and Saudi assessments. As an aside, I do wonder if the sudden willingness of the Obama administration to reach an agreement with the Iranians has anything to do with the super-secret NSA information brought to Moscow by Edward Snowden. If so, Russia (Iran’s ally) could have shown Obama what new damaging information about Obama and the NSA will be released by Russia unless Obama made a conciliatory agreement with Iran at Russia’s insistence. This would be international blackmail, of course, but it may explain why the Obama administration and the western nations made such a sudden and unexpected change of course vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclear program.

Paradoxically, the more that the USA and the West are driven away from taking action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, the closer the Israeli-Saudi alliance becomes and the more likely it is that these nations will feel compelled to attack Iran militarily to stop its nuclear weapons program. If the Saudis and Israelis are drawing into a regional alliance, it is logical that Saudi Arabia’s allied Sunni Moslem nations (Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Persian Gulf states, etc.) will join this anti-Iranian alliance as well. It is already reported that the Israeli and Egyptian militaries are working closely in the Sinai Peninsula region to stop terrorist activities by radical Islamist groups allied with the Muslim Brotherhood who have been killing Egyptian policemen and military personnel in the Sinai region. The fourth link, despite its title, details toward the end of its report that Israel and Egypt have begun militarily cooperating in “unprecedented” ways which go beyond the extensive cooperation Israel and Egypt had during the Mubarak years.

The alliances and geopolitics of the Mideast are already being substantially rearranged and there is nothing the Obama administration or the EU can do about it. Events have now taken on a life of their own. I think it is now evident that if the Israelis decide that they need to attack Iran’s nuclear program, they will not be acting alone. They will be allied to a number of Sunni Moslem nations who also fear Iran.

All of these developments are entirely consistent with the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and have been anticipated in previous posts of mine over approximately the last two years. Once we realize that the Creator God (Elohim) is, by far, the greatest and most powerful participant (albeit invisibly so) in world affairs, it becomes easier to understand what is happening in the Mideast and the entire world as we draw deeper into the latter days of this age.

A last thought on the Iranian fears of the Israeli/Saudi cooperation. If Iran comes to the conclusion that it is about to be attacked anyway, it may decide to strike first rather than wait to absorb the first strike from its enemies. That attack could start with salvoes of cruise missiles from Iran coming at Saudi oil facilities and US naval ships in the Persian Gulf as well as tens of thousands of Hezbollah missiles being fired from Northern Lebanon at Israeli targets. If that happens, I think it will be an Israeli strategic goal to ensure that Hezbollah will cease to exist as a entity in whatever is left of southern Lebanon after the Israelis are done destroying it. The Saudis could also make sure that Iran’s Persian Gulf oil facilities do not survive such a war either. It could get very ugly. On the other hand, a deal may be made behind closed doors that prevents the need for a war in the region. This future is not predictable. We will have to wait to see what happens as the danger level rises steadily in the Mideast.