Israeli TV has revealed satellite images of a large, new Iranian missile which can launch warheads “far beyond Europe” (first link). How far beyond Europe we do not know, but Iran is obviously building toward a capacity to have ICBMs which will reach the USA (which Iran calls the “Great Satan”). The new missile is reportedly large enough to launch not only warheads, but “manned spacecraft and satellites.” The building of what looks like an ICBM surely attests to the fact that Iran is continuing its nuclear weapons program. Why else would Iran be building toward ICBMs if not to put “nukes” on them for attacking or threatening other nations? The proclamations by the Obama administration notwithstanding, it appears the unveiling of this new missile (which is presumed to be nuclear-capable) confirms Iran’s true policy is “full speed ahead” re: building nuclear warheads.

The second link relates that Iran is specifically making serious threats to retaliate vs. Israel for an Israeli air strike which killed an Iranian general, other Iranian officers and a key Hezbollah leader near the Syrian-Israeli border (see previous post). These Iranian threats are consistent with its previously-stated policy of “wiping Israel off the map,” and I do not think Iran’s new threat is a bluff.

Finally, the third link reports that there will be enhanced military cooperation between Russia and Iran. Russia is becoming increasingly angry at the USA, and this anger is now going to lead to Russia being willing to share more sophisticated weaponry with Iran, whether the USA likes it or not. Please read the third link for more details on the greater military cooperation that will be shared between Russia and Iran. The world is clearly becoming more dangerous.

The deepening ties between Russia and Iran further support the accuracy of the biblical prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia, China and Iran will be part of a “latter days” Gog-Magog alliance that will rival and eventually attack the western alliance led by the USA and the other modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel. Long-time readers will be familiar with these identifications, but new readers are urged to read my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy to begin to understand these biblical identifications for modern nations.¬† My books contain and document¬† the full story of the history of the ten tribes of Israel from their empire days in the Promised Land through their migrations over the intervening millennia and into the modern world. God will fulfill his biblical prophecies based on the identifications he gives to the nations in his prophecies, not according to their secular national names on modern maps. It is vital to understand which modern nations are linked to which biblical names for them in order to understand future events that are already pre-determined by God’s ability to control world events to unfold according to his biblical prophecies. Those who do not understand the biblical names for modern nations are “flying blind” when trying to link biblical prophecies to the modern world.

My thanks to a reader who sent me one of these links.