Every American should read the first link below. It reports that Iran has threatened to detonate nuclear devices in American cities if Iran’s nuclear sites are attacked by the USA. A top Iranian official announced that “Iran will join the nuclear club within a month…no country would even think about attacking Iran once it is in the club.”  According to this link, Iran could deliver primitive nuclear devices or nuclear “dirty bombs” to terrorists to carry out such attacks. If this statement is not mere boastfulness, but is true, then the USA, the Israelis and the rest of the world have only a little time left to make some very hard decisions.

It is not hard to figure out who the “terrorists” might be who could receive such nuclear devices from Iran for attacking US cities. Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy force, and it has been reported to have terrorist sleeper cells in the USA. I hope the FBI and official agencies are watching those Hezbollah sleeper cells very carefully. Also, a reader sent me the second link which asserts that an Islamic terrorist cell has been rather openly operating in a region of Pennsylvania without US authorities taking any action to shut it down. Might this group be allied with Iran as well? It is most odd that the US government worries about “domestic terrorists” while ignoring an Islamic militia in Pennsylvania (located close to many US metropolitan areas).

The first link below also reports that Iran has threatened to target US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (apparently with nuclear devices) if Iran is attacked. If Iran simply attacks US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan conventionally with its army and Revolutionary Guard divisions, the US troops in those nations will be fighting for their own survival. If the unthinkable happens and nukes get used, President Obama (the President who wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons) may have to use American nukes against Iran.  However, if Obama allows Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, many other nations will want to develop them as well as soon as possible and Obama’s dream of limiting nuclear weapons will be over. President Obama has a stark choice. Attack Iran to stop it from obtaining nukes or allow Iran to develop nukes and accept that many other nations will quickly develop nuclear weapons as well. I don’t see a third choice.

We are entering very dangerous times. Most Americans are clueless to what could happen. Matthew 24:6 warns of wars and rumors of wars in the latter days before Jesus Christ returns. We are facing a very strong “rumor of war” in the case of Iran right now. Time will reveal if this will remain a rumor of war or whether it will become an open war. The consequences will be severe if it becomes an open war. Because there is a real chance that it could become an open war, I hope that you have already heeded the warnings contained in my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?, available at the articles link of this website.