The crisis regarding efforts by Iran, Turkey and others to break the blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza is not over. In a development seemingly ignored by western media, Iran has threatened to help escort future blockade-running shops into Gaza (see first link below). Iran is apparently spoiling for a Mideast War to “wipe Israel off the map.” If Iran provokes a naval battle off the coast of Gaza and Israel, Iran may get the war it wants to provoke.

The second link also reports that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is considering personally traveling to Gaza (perhaps escorted by Turkish warships?) to break the blockade. Erdogan acts like he is also spoiling to start a military confrontation with the Israelis. In he does this, Erdogan will openly be declaring himself to be an ally of Iran. Such an action could also effectively sound the death knell of the NATO alliance as we have known it as it is incomprehensible to me how NATO could retain Turkey as a member if it becomes allied with Iran.

The third link below contains a video of the Israelis unloading the shipping containers that were aboard the first flotilla of vessels that the Israeli Navy intercepted. Behind the bags of food and humanitarian cargoes were hidden many heavy combat weapons intended for use by Hamas in future combat with the Israelis. There were also heavy mortar rounds which Hamas may have been able to use to again bombard Israeli targets near the Gaza-Israeli border.  Clearly, the “peace flotilla” was a ruse as its real intention was to smuggle weaponry to Hamas (an Iranian proxy force) and to stage an event where the world media could express its knee-jerk, anti-Israeli attitudes. This video confirms the Israelis were right that the “humanitarian” flotilla was smuggling weapons to Hamas. Did you see this video shown anywhere by your media?

Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:6 that there would be “wars and rumors of wars” in the latter days leading up to his Second Coming. We have recently had the US-Iraqi war and the US-Afghan War is still raging (draining the US Treasury and exhausting the US military). Events are indicating that there is a growing chance of a large Mideast War erupting in our foreseeable future. It should be realized by all that it is Iran, Turkey’s Prime Minister and Iran’s proxies that are pushing for this war. The Israelis are not seeking a war, but are simply taking legitimate actions to defend themselves. If this war begins, Iran and its allies may find that the outcome of the war will not be to their liking. God’s promise in Zechariah 12:2-3 to secure the survival of Judah (the Israelis) and Jerusalem in the latter days can be relied upon.

When/if this war begins, it could have a substantial impact on the daily lives of Americans. I hope that you have read (and are acting on) the information contained in my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?