Iran has declared that Iran and Syria will create a “New World Order” that is different than the “New World Order” planned by the western globalist elites (see first link below). Iran is clearly continuing to put pressure on Syria to line up behind Iran in any future Mideast war. One of my recent blogs discussed the intense pressure that Iran is putting on Syria to ally itself with Iran in any future warfare. Iran has supplied Syria with much armament so any refusal by Syria to join Iran in a future war would be seen as a betrayal by Iran’s leaders (with possibly lethal consequences for Syrian leaders). Iran also acknowledged that it is battling western forces in “Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen,” although the cowed western press seems unable to bring itself to report that Iran is backing the Yemeni rebels who are trying to overthrow the pro-Saudi government in Yemen.

Other previous blogs have discussed Iran’s efforts to smuggle rockets and weaponry into Gaza for Hamas to use against the Israelis. The second link reports that Hamas is again firing rockets at Israeli cities and this action risks open warfare with the Israelis. The rockets in Hamas’ inventory now have longer-range capabilities and can reach more cities in Israel. The Israeli reaction was swift. The third link reports that Israeli warplanes bombed Hamas targets in Gaza with lethal effect “in the strongest retaliation” since the Israeli-Hamas war not long ago. The fourth link reports the Israelis bombed three cities in Gaza and that Prime Minister Netanyahu pledged that each attack from Gaza will be met with a military response. Did you hear about this in the American establishment media?

The fifth link reports that Egypt is now also under threat from the Iranian-backed Hamas forces in Gaza. Egyptian forces and “Hamas-controlled mobs” are clashing at the Egypt-Hamas border and these two entities may be headed for “a larger conflict” as Hamas and other radical Islamic groups seek to overthrow Egypt’s government and replace it with a radical government favorable to Iran. The final link reports that Egypt has retaliated vs. the Hamas leaders of Gaza by banning aid convoys from entering Gaza via Egyptian soil. In an odd sidebar, a British Member of Parliament (MP) was with one of the convoys bringing aid to Hamas. Egypt reportedly took the British MP into custody and expelled him from Egypt. I recall the international outrage whenever the Israelis halted aid convoys into Gaza due to rockets being fired from Gaza at Israeli cities (a perfectly logical reaction by the Israelis). Egypt is now doing the same thing as the Israelis.

As Iran extends its tentacles deeper into both Gaza (on Egypt’s border) and into Yemen (which controls the southern access to Egypt’s Suez Canal), Egypt is under increasing threats from Iran and has ever-greater reason to make common cause with the Israelis against the Iranian-backed radicals in the Mideast. Iran is seeking to overthrow the current Sunni governments in all Islamic Mideast nations. This is driving the Sunni governments and the Israelis into a common position against Iran whether they realize it or not yet. If such an alliance develops, it will radically alter Mideast politics and military realities. I wonder if the Sunni governments in Mideast Islamic nations realize that, given the intensity with which Iran is seeking to undermine them, the survival of the current Sunni governments in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, etc. may depend on their making common cause with the Israelis against Iran?