Even as the world’s eyes are on the riots breaking out in the Sunni Arab world, especially in Egypt, Iran has recently announced a plan to send some of its warships to Israeli waters. The link below reports that Iran is sending “a fleet of warships, including a home-made destroyer” to Israeli waters whose destination is the Red Sea south of Israel and off Israel’s Mediterranean Coast. Ships stationed off Israel’s Mediterranean Coast would have to transit Egypt’s Suez Canal.

The link states Iran’s warships will be off Israeli coasts to perform “operational and intelligence-gathering missions.” No doubt, Iran wants to send a message to Israel that it can place its warships in easy cruise missile firing positions off of Israeli coastal waters in the event of a future war. Practically speaking, I think any such war would have to begin with an Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah attack against the Israelis with Iranian ships already in position to launch a first-strike with Iranian cruise missiles. If a war was already in progress, I think there would be little chance of any Iranian warships surviving a voyage to take up any firing position off Israeli coastlands. However, Iran is now spoiling for a fight after the Stuxnet cyberattack against Iranian nuclear facilities and the assassinations of Iran’s nuclear scientists (presumably by Israel and/or the USA). Iran wants revenge. It likely would not have a problem recruiting “suicide crews” to bring Iranian warships into firing positions off Israeli coastlands to start a war with Israel–timed of course to coincide with a Hezbollah missile barrage against Israel from Lebanese soil.  This is just one more war scenario for the Mideast. Time will tell if this is just another “rumor of war” which Matthew 24:6 said would be common in the latter days just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.

There may be another possible purpose for this mission, given the deep unrest and riots now taking place in Egypt. Iran would love to have President Mubarak’s government fall and be replaced by a radical Islamic one headed by the Moslem Brotherhood (see my previous post).  If Egypt’s Islamic radicals could see Iranian warships flying the Iranian flag transiting Egypt’s Suez Canal during this Egyptian crisis, it would surely inspire and intensify the Moslem Brotherhood’s efforts to topple Hosni Mubarak.

I wonder how soon some of those Iranian warships are due to sail through the Suez Canal and arrive off of Israel’s western border even as other Iranian warships take up position just south of Israel in the Red Sea?