There have been a series of reports that the Israelis are working closely with the Saudis to prepare for a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities which both the Israelis and Saudis quite properly see as existential threats to both their nations. There have been “official denials” about this, but one would expect to hear such denials even if the reports were true. Iran’s press is now affirming that the reports of Israeli activities in Saudi Arabia are true, and it names the Saudi airbase at Tabuk as the main staging area for Israeli preparations to strike Iran. Interestingly, Tabuk is just east of Jabal Al Lawz, identified in my books as the real Mt. Sinai on which God appeared to Moses and gave the ten commandments to him while the ancient Israelites were encamped at its base.

Also, the press in Azerbaijan is reporting that American troops are now present in that nation. Azerbaijan is just north of Iran and it could also be used as a staging area for strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities if there is a coordinated America-Israeli-Sunni Arab attack upon the Iranian nuclear facilities. My thanks to reader, Pat, for sending me this link, which was worth passing on to all readers.