Steven Collins
July 9, 2008
Today, there are reports that Iran conducted a mass-firing exercise of its long- and medium-range missiles (see link below). Apparently, nine such missiles were fired.  Obviously, there is no secret in why Iran conducted such an exercise. The Israelis and the Americans have long been rumored to be preparing a military strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities to keep the Iranian government from obtaining nuclear weapons. The Israelis conducted a large-scale air force exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea recently which was widely-seen as a prelude to a possible (if not likely) air assault against Iranian nuclear facilities.
To put matters in perspective, we must realize that Iran is forcing Israel’s hand in this encounter by threatening to “wipe Israel off the map.” Israel dare not ignore such a threat as Iran achieves the ability to make nuclear weapons. Israel can survive a mistaken raid on Iran, but it cannot survive a mistake of underestimating Iran’s nuclear abilities and its willingness to make good on its threats against the Israelis. The main new Iranian missile is the Shahab-3, which has the ability to reach Israel, so Israel cannot afford the luxury of waiting a long time to decide what to do about Iran’s existential threat to the Israeli nation.
An Iranian General stated that “Our hands are always on the trigger and our missiles are ready for launch.” This bellicose statement practically challenges the Israelis and/or the Americans to attack Iran.  Maybe the West ought to consider that Iran really does want the West to attack it. Why would it want to do so? It is well-known that Russia and China are Iran’s allies and supporters in Iran’s nuclear and military efforts. Russia supplied Iran’s nuclear reactor. One cable-TV program I saw today noted that Iran’s Shahab-3 missile was produced with Russian and Chinese help. It is possible that Russia and China are eager for a Western strike against Iran as well.  Russia and China could easily be promising Iran to repair or replace whatever the USA or Israel destroys in any raid, and both nations may have placed their latest anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems in Iran in the hopes that they will be able to test them against a real Western attack to see if the east-bloc weaponry is effective against the latest Western technologies.  This would be an especially-high priority after the Israeli raid on the Syrian nuclear facility that was being built with North Korean help. That facility was guarded by defensive weaponry which Russia and China thought would prevail against US and Israelis attackers. They were wrong. After improving their defensive systems, Russia and China may be eager for a chance to test their improved military systems against a US/Israeli attack.
China has developed many new cruise-missiles and, if they have also been positioned in Iran, Chinese engineers could be stationed on site to launch them at US Navy aircraft carrier battle groups to test their ability to penetrate US naval defenses. China could attack the US Navy vessels under the guise of saying “Iran was just defending itself when its nuclear facilities were attacked,” but to make this happen, the USA and Israel must be goaded into making the attack. A lot could be at stake in any such western strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.  If the western attack is successful against the latest east-bloc military technologies, then the Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis knows that it is not yet ready for open war with the West. If Russian and Chinese technologies can protect Iran against western attacks and successfully attack US naval vessels in the Persian Gulf, then the east bloc will be emboldened to think it is ready for a war with the western nations. If the Americans or Israelis attack Iran’s facilities, they better be sure that they can do so successfully. The only thing really preventing an eastern-bloc attack against the West now is America’s nuclear deterrent. If any future US President agrees to a naive “nuclear disarmament treaty” and all nations destroy their nuclear weaponry, nothing will be in place to deter a Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack against the western nations (more on this subject will be presented in a future blog). Ezekiel 38’s prophecy could quickly be fulfilled if the world ever removes all nuclear weapons.
Modern events are completely in harmony with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 for the latter-days of our age. Over 2500 years ago, it prophesied that an alliance including Russia, China, Iran, and other Asian and African nations would launch an unexpected attack upon the latter-day nations of the “house of Israel” or “Israel.” The target of this prophesied latter-day attack is not the Jewish Israeli nation (which is called “Judah” or “the house of Judah” in biblical prophecy–see Zephaniah 2 and Zechariah 14 for examples of this fact). The target will be the many latter-day nations of the “house of Israel,” who are the modern nations descended from the so-called “lost ten tribes of Israel” (Genesis 49 gives prophesies helping to locate the nations of all the tribes of Israel in the latter days).
The ten tribes were exiled into Asia from the old Kingdom of Israel, but were prophesied to become exceedingly numerous after they were exiled (Hosea 1:10). They were never really “lost.” Josephus recorded that the ten tribes had become a vast innumerable multitude of people in Asia in the 1st century AD (Antiquities, XI, V, 2), and he even specifically names one of their geographical borders. From his geographic description and from abundant historical evidence, it is evident that the ancient Parthian Empire was inhabited and led by the ten tribes of Israel. The Parthians were related to other fellow-tribes of Israel located in Scythia (the region of South Russia). Some of the Parthian/Scythian tribal names were the Sacae, Saka, Gauthei, Germanii, Kermans, Jats, etc. When the Parthian Empire fell circa 227 AD, these tribes and nations migrated in a massive tidal wave toward and into Europe via the Caucasus Mountain passes. This led to them being called “Caucasians” as they poured into Europe. Their European names included the Saxons, Goths, Germans, Jutes, etc. (easily seen as derivations of the Scythian/Parthian names). They even brought Parthia’s feudal system of government into Europe and rebuilt it after their migrations were completed. The Caucasians who poured into Europe and furnished the population base for modern European nations were the tribes of refugee Parthians and Scythians (who were themselves the displaced ten tribes of Israel in Asia).
This brief history lesson indicates that “Israel,” the target of the prophesied attack by Russia, China, Iran and their allies in the latter days, consists of the nations of modern Europe and those nations populated from European nations (such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand). In other words, the target of the global Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack will be the NATO nations and their allies. This fits perfectly with modern world events as the western nations are increasingly making themselves more-inviting targets by neglecting their defenses (also prophesied in Ezekiel 38:11-12). The USA has foolishly squandered its wealth and is now a beggar nation kept afloat by loans from foreign nations. The USA has also wasted much of its military power in two Asian wars, exhausting its ground forces and wearing out its front-line equipment at a prodigious rate. The European nations disarmed mightily after the “end of the Cold War,” and they are still reducing their military forces. Europe is scarcely in any condition to defend itself from a mass attack from the eastern bloc. However, Ezekiel 38-39 not only warns but also guarantees that this attack is certain to occur (Ezekiel 38:10). The western nations cannot prevent this attack from coming upon them in the future; they can only prepare for it. However, the western nations have abandoned and ignored the very Creator God who gave them all their blessings (the Bible refers to these national blessings as the “birthright” blessing given to the primary tribes of the house of Israel). If the modern nations of the house of Israel grasped the literal truth of the Bible, they would be forewarned about this attack. However, the western world now embraces evolutionary fables and is oblivious to the warning God gave them in Ezekiel 38. If you desire hard evidence that the modern nations of NATO and Europe include (and are led by) the ten tribes of Israel, you may find it in my 4-book set available at the book links of his website. Most people will never read these books and they will be completely surprised by future world events which the Bible foretold millennia ago. There is no reason you need to be among them. The truth is available. It is up to you if you wish to seek it.,3566,378324,00.html