The link below, from the Washington Times, reports that Iran is exporting paramilitary forces and weapons to many other nations in order to oppose the USA and its efforts. The link cites a new Pentagon report on Iran’s military which reveals very noteworthy details. It reveals that Iran has been helping the Taliban in Afghanistan and also supplying anti-American insurgents in Iraq. The last detail is not a surprise as it has been known for years that Iran was supplying weapons and support to Shiite militias in Iraq. However, the Taliban are not a Shiite force, but Iran has been supplying them with weaponry anyway. Perhaps the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan is due to the support it is receiving from Iran.

What is really noteworthy is that Iran is exporting its Revolutionary Guard forces into Venezuela and other Latin American nations (Bolivia and Ecuador are named). Iran is reportedly using its embassies as conduits for sending its forces overseas. Since Iran is using its embassies, Iran is likely sending all kinds of military and intelligence shipments under the protection of “diplomatic immunity.” [This is the same “diplomatic immunity” for which Iran showed no respect when it seized the US Embassy in Iran during the Jimmy Carter years.]

What I found particularly distressing is the reaction of US Secretary of Defense William Gates. Sec. Gates “played down the growing Iranian influence in the Chavez Government.” Either Sec. Gates is trying to understate his concern or he is really very gullible about the dangers this poses to the USA. With more and more Iranians entering Venezuela with the consent of Venezuela’s government, this poses two clear and present dangers to the USA. The first danger is that while the USA is looking at Iran’s territory for threats to the USA (missiles, rockets, terrorist attacks with a “dirty nuke,” etc., these threats may not come from Iran’s home soil, but from Venezuela, which is far closer to the American homeland. When Iran is producing nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future, it could try to smuggle a dirty nuke or a primitive nuclear warhead into an American port city by shipping it via a circuitous route using vessels flagged in other nations. The USA imports much Venezuelan oil yet so there is no shortage of ships heading to US ports from Venezuela. Any one of these ships could conceivably conceal an Iranian bomb on it, very possibly unbeknownst to the crew of the vessel. All such vessels are doubtlessly serviced and loaded by Venezuelans. How hard would it be for an Iranian-Venezuelan team to load an Iranian bomb into a closed shipping container placed on a ship going to a US port and then have others remotely detonate it when it arrived in that US port? I don’t think Iran will have any problem finding suicide bombers to carry out such an attack. Ezekiel 38-39 warns us that Russia, China, Iran, etc. will openly attack the homelands of the NATO nations at the end of our age. I believe that Iran is already shipping weaponry and supplies to be used by the agents and saboteurs of the Gog-Magog forces within the USA (and other NATO nations) to sabotage key installations and infrastructure sites in the USA and NATO nations when this future war is launched.

The second danger is likely already happening. Because the US government has long refused to protect its own borders (under both GOP and Democrat administrations), millions of illegal immigrants from many Latin American nations have entered the USA. How hard would it be to smuggle Iranians with explosives, weapons, toxins, etc. across the porous US border to create caches where they could be used by Iran’s Hezbollah sleeper cells already in the USA in unknown numbers? It is hardly a surprise that the Mexican drug gangs have used many ways to smuggle drugs and their personnel into the USA (they have even used tunnels). Do you think they would accept a large sum of money and a supply of more weaponry from Iran in exchange for their help in smuggling key items from Iran into the USA for future Hezbollah use? This may already be happening. Such weaponry, munitions, toxins, etc. would almost certainly be unleashed in the event of a US strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities and perhaps even in the event of an Israeli strike vs. Iran. Maybe this is why the Obama administration seems accepting of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons and why the USA is trying so hard to prevent an Israeli strike vs. Iran.

However, Sec. Gates isn’t worried. The fact that he isn’t worried ought to worry all Americans!