Steven Collins
July 3, 2008
In a previous blog at this site, I’ve noted that the current radical government of Iran is actively (and willfully) destroying non-Islamic archaeological and historical artifacts and objects because it deems such sites as being the relics of “infidel” civilizations. The territory of Iran holds so many vital historical sites that this wanton destruction of mankind’s history is truly tragic. The first link below documents that Iran is destroying a large site that dates to the period of the Parthian Empire. Unfortunately, more and more Parthian sites will be destroyed by Iran’s government so physical evidence of the mighty Parthian Empire will steadily diminish. As many readers know, I’ve identified the Parthian Empire as one of the empires founded by the ten tribes of Israel after their exile to Asia.
It is not just the Parthian sites which are being destroyed and/or damaged. The second link documents that many important archaeological and historical sites from other civilizations are also being destroyed by direct action or passive neglect. One important example is the tomb of the famous Persian King, Cyrus the Great, which is being increasingly damaged by excessive humidity from a public works project.
It is doubtful that anything but a change of government in Iran will stop the destruction of vital historical sites important to mankind’s history. Unfortunately, such a change of government is not likely. Check out the links below if you want to see the disheartening documentation about Iran’s continuing destruction of non-Islamic historical sites.