This post will be brief and to the point. The first link reports that “a top Iranian military commander” stated that the USA and Iran will remain enemies regardless of what agreement, if any, is reached between the USA and other western nations regarding Iranian nuclear weapons programs. This begs the question: If that is the case, why are these negotiations continuing when Iran, as an enemy, cannot be trusted to keep any agreement?

The second link adds that Congressional Republicans are worried that if Iran receives a $150 billion windfall from the ending of the international economic sanctions on Iran, Iran will use some of that money to fund global terrorism around the world (which would include within the USA too). This is a very valid concern as the link states that “James Clapper, President Obama’s director of national intelligence, calls Iran the world’s ‘foremost state sponsor of terrorism.'”  Let me get this straight. The Obama administration itself recognizes that Iran is the “foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” but it is negotiating with Iran to allow Iran to keep its nuclear programs and also receive a lucrative end to the global sanctions vs. Iran for pursuing its nuclear program and funding global terrorism? This would be a “win-win” result for Iran and a “lose-lose” result for the USA, the West and the international community. It seems self-evident that this entire negotiating process is an illogical waste of time and also very dangerous to the security of the USA, Israel and the West. Oh well. Since when does logic enter into anything the Obama administration does vis-à-vis Iran?

I think the Obama administration is desperate to get any kind of an agreement to be able to say it accomplished “something” in the negotiating process. I also think Iran knows this. This frees Iran to simply stonewall the US negotiators and wait for the Obama administration to capitulate. Other nations are watching this entire process with great interest and trepidation. Readers I’m sure are aware that Iran has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” If they obtain nuclear weapons, they will have the means to do so. Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Moslem nations are nervously watching these negotiations as well as Iran leads the Shiite Islamic bloc and it poses a direct threat to Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Islamic nations. Under previous presidential administrations, Israel and the USA marched in close agreement regarding anything involving Iran. That no longer is the case as Obama’s hostility toward Israel and Netanyahu has been abundantly reported. It is gotten so bad the third link reports that the USA hasn’t even bothered to allow Israel to receive even an update on the negotiations’ content in the last two weeks. That’s real bad.

As a final thought, I’d like to remind readers that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Islamic nations are not a party to these talks with Iran so they aren’t bound in the least to observe any of its terms if an agreement emerges. Any agreement which Israel, Saudi Arabia and other nations feel is dangerous to their national security interests (and survival) will likely increase the chances of a direct pre-emptive military action being taken against Iran’s nuclear facilities. If the USA and the other western nations don’t want that to happen, they better be sure any agreement is acceptable to Israel, Saudi Arabia and other affected nations.