The link below, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune but originally an editorial in the Miami Herald, reports the surprising news that Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has appointed a “wanted ” and “suspected international terrorist to become the country’s next defense minister.” The new Iranian Defense Minister is “wanted by Interpol in connection with a deadly 1984 attack on a Jewish community center in Argentina that killed 85 people and left 151 wounded.” He is also “a suspect in the 1996 attack on a US Air Force barrack in Saudi Arabia.”  As the link correctly observes: “The nomination is an affront to every nation that believes in justice and the rule of law.”

As we all know, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons technology and is getting close to obtaining that goal. Iran has reportedly received missile technology help from China and has received its nuclear reactor from Russia as well as sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries to protect it from attack. All the gullible politicians around the world should now see just how imminent is the existential danger posed to the Israelis by Iran. With the top Iranian military official being a man who already has demonstrated an appetite for killing Jews, is there any doubt that Iran will use its nuclear weapons against the Israelis as soon as they have an opportunity? On the other hand, if Iran has a nuclear device but not a missile to deliver it, they can put it on a freighter sailed by a suicide-bomber crew and blow it up off the Israeli coast. That would be Iran’s way to quickly attack the Israelis, called “the Little Satan” by Iran. But if they can deliver a nuclear bomb via a freighter, why should they not first attack the “Great Satan,” the name they use to describe the United States?

President Obama, in trying to entice Iran into better relations, said “We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” The link below states the obvious in observing that in appointing an anti-Jewish terrorist as its Defense Minister, “Iran has replied” to Obama’s offer. Iran’s fist is still clenched. I wonder if Obama and his advisors realize that this appointment indicates that Iran has just told clearly Obama and the ever-gullible West to “go to hell?”

This is a very dangerous development. If Iran ever launches a nuclear attack vs. the Israelis, the Israelis know full-well that the Russians provided Iran with its nuclear material and China has helped with Iranian weapons technology. If Iran uses Russian-provided nuclear technology to slaughter large numbers of Israelis, I’ll bet the Israeli nuclear retaliation will not be limited to cities with names like Tehran, Qom, Bushehr and Esfahan (Iranian cities). The Israelis have nuclear subs, Jericho missiles and jet fighters to deliver nuclear warheads to many locations. I’ll also bet the Mossad also has “doomsday” plans to exact apocalyptic revenge by detonating strategically-placed nukes delivered by unconventional means. If Russian and Chinese technology is used by Iran to slaughter Israelis on a large scale, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the cities that would perish in an Israeli nuclear counterstrike have names like Moscow, Odessa, Volgograd, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. That’s what I’d do if I was the Prime Minister of an Israeli nation hit by nuclear weapons. Maybe Benjamin Netanyahu is much more meek and forgiving than I would be in those horrendous circumstances, but I doubt it.

Russia is responsible for creating a Frankenstein monster by giving nuclear technology to Iran’s radical regime. I wonder if Vladimir Putin has realized the dangers posed to Russian cities if Iran uses nukes (built with Russian technology) on Israeli cities. It could be the case that Moscow and Beijing will survive only if Tel Aviv and Haifa live. Chess is a game in which Russians excel. However, many Jews can play chess too. To describe international geopolitics using chess terminology, if Iran uses a Russian-supplied bishop or knight against the Israelis, it unmasks the path for an Israeli rook to check-mate Russia’s king. Russia may wish to rethink its policies vis a vis Iran getting nuclear weapons. The entire world knows Russia supplied Iran with its nuclear technology. If any nation get hits by Iranian nukes, the targeted nation will have every legitimate right to nuke Russian cities, military bases, etc. Iran’s nascent nukes could also trigger an escalating war where Russian cities and strategic targets are also annihilated. It is widely-assumed the Israelis have 200-300 nuclear warheads. If Iran hits the Israelis with nuclear weapons, the world will learn what cities those Israeli nukes will hit. I’ll bet there will be some major surprises if such a doomsday scenario occurs. Let’s hope and pray it does not occur!

This worsening situation also confirms that the Israelis are running out of time to act against Iran’s nuclear program. Iran does not need sophisticated missiles to hit the Israelis, Americans or any other nation. If they have developed even small nukes, they can detonate them inside unsuspected freighters who sail into port cities in Israel, America or Europe (or all three at once). It is not just the Israelis who are running out of time to “do something” re: Iran. The world is running out of time. It is definitely in the interests of the Israelis, the Americans and the West to make sure Iran does not get nukes. It may also be in Russia’s strategic interests to make very sure Iran does not get nuclear weapons to use against the Israelis or anyone else!