Dear Steve,

Invisible doorways or portals a step closer
to reality, claim scientists
Invisible gateways like the one to platform 9
and 3/4 in Harry Potter and to Lewis Carroll’s hidden world in Through the
Looking Glass are a step closer to reality after scientists developed a new

Frank Farrar





Thanks for sending me this link.
While I have never read (or seen) any Harry Potter material, the link you sent
makes two very worthwhile points. The attempts by scientists to push mankind’s
presence into dimensions not seen by the human eye further fulfills the prophecy
of Christ in Matthew 24:37 that the latter days would mirror the civilization in
Noah’s time. Genesis 12 records that mankind was trying to rebuild (I believe)
the very high tech society of the pre-Flood world of Noah when God stepped in
forcibly stop the effort by confusing mankind’s languages. God is sovereign
over the seen and unseen dimensions and he will decide how far he will allow
mankind’s modern efforts to proceed before he intervenes to halt it.
 Matthew 24:22 infers that mankind will be on the verge of foolishly
destroying itself with its latter-day technologies unless God were to intervene
forcibly in the years ahead of us to stop this from happening.


Your link also indicates that this
new technology can be used to help develop “cloaking devices for the military.”
This is one more link supporting previous blogs I’ve written on modern nations
developing “invisibility” technology to hide their weaponry from the naked eye.
A previous blog also examined how “invisibility” technology could be used to
fake the return of Christ, angelic visitations, miracles, etc. II Thessalonians
2:1-9 prophesies the “man of sin” in the end-time will also employ “lying
wonders” (faked miracles) to deceive the masses. Cloaking technology could
easily fulfill this prophecy. I’ve included your link for others to check