Steven Collins
August 30, 2008
The previous blog discussed the rapidly-developing field of “invisibility” technology. There is much public information available on this topic and a web search will access many articles for you to read. This blog will cite two more reports and discuss how new “invisibility” technology could be used to fulfill specific biblical prophecies for the latter days. Christians need to be aware of how this technology could easily be used to deceive them into abandoning or misplacing their faith in future years. First I’ll discuss the technological information that is known and then we’ll examine very feasible ways in which this technology could specifically fulfill biblical prophecies.
The previous blog discussed military uses for this technology and its possible presence in the high-tech world of the pre-Flood civilization. When the “invisibility” technology is deployable, it will be possible for the biblical figure called the “Anti-Christ” to easily fake miracles in order to dupe and sway the nations. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this point hasn’t already been reached in secret laboratories in the world’s more advanced nations.
Consider the first link below (from the BBC). It states that scientists at the University of California, led by Xiang Zhang, “have developed a material that can bend light around 3D objects making them ‘disappear,'” and that “invisibility cloaks large enough to hide people” are possible in the future. Given that an item in the archives of my blogs reported that the British military already demonstrated the use of an “invisibility” cloak large enough to hide an army tank, I’d say that maybe that day has already arrived. No doubt, what is being achieved in this cutting-edge technology is far more advanced than what will be publicly acknowledged. The BBC article reports that there is more than one kind of invisibility cloak being developed. One involves “nanometre-scale stacks of silver and magnesium flouride in a ‘fishnet’ structure, while another made use of nanowires made of silver.” If more than one way to make invisibility technology deployable is already being acknowledged, it supports the viewpoint that the technology is already understood and deployable in more than one way.
A related article on this topic was printed in my local newspaper, but I cannot find it on the internet even with a websearch so I’ll cite it for readers of this blog instead of offering a link The article was entitled “Improved invisibility devices emerge” and it had a “USA Today” byline when it was published in the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader on August 17, 2008 (p. 4D). The article reported that Xiang Zhang’s team of scientists at the University of California had already developed “two visible-light ‘invisibility cloak’ prototypes,” and it quotes physicist Ulf Leonhardt of Scotland’s University of St. Andrews as saying that this invisibility technology has “applications that almost resemble magic.” It also cites the journal, Science, as reporting that “one of the new prototypes is a woven fishnet of silver nanowires, each one about 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.” It reports the other invisibility prototype was made with “21 stacked grids of silver and magnesium fluoride of similarly small sizes.” These articles indicate that silver is the most important raw material in the efforts to develop invisibility cloaks. Apparently, unless you have access to silver, you cannot develop this technology. If you have a lot of weaponry that you want to cloak, you will apparently need considerable quantities of silver.
Now let’s consider biblical prophecies which could be fulfilled by “invisibility” cloaks. In Matthew 24:23-27 Jesus Christ warned “there shall arise false Christs and false prophets [who] shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect” Verse 26 indicates that there will be reports that Christ has appeared “in the desert”‘ or has entered “secret chambers,” but in verse 25 Jesus reminds us that he gave us advance warning about this. Matthew 24’s prophecy was part of Jesus Christ’s answer to his disciples’ question about events that would signal the latter days were present and that his return was very near (Matthew 24:3).  This prophecy warns us that “signs and wonders” involving false Christs and prophets will be so impressive that even “the very elect” would almost be deceived. This indicates that the false Christs and prophets will be doing some very impressive miracles or wonders to deceive the masses.
II Thessalonians 2:3-15 contains a prophecy that a “man of sin” will be revealed who will deceive the masses into thinking that he, a mere human leader, “is God.” How will he do this? Verse 9 says the coming of this “man of sin” will be accompanied by “the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders” (emphasis added). Verse 10 add that this “man of sin” will use these “signs and lying wonders” to impose a mass deception on the world’s masses who will experience “strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”
Think how invisibility technology could be used to do all kinds of “signs” and “lying wonders” which could be used to deceive the masses into believing that the ones calling forth these “miracles” were either prophets of God or even “God” himself. If invisibility cloaks can be put around a person or an object, a team of technicians could work with a so-called “prophet” or “false Christ” to pull off the appearance of doing miracles that would actually be orchestrated with high-tech “smoke and mirrors.” A false prophet could announce to a crowd that he will make a public figure appear on a stage “out of nowhere,” but the person will actually already be on stage, albeit in a “cloaked” energy field. When the cloaking field is deactivated, the person will magically “appear” into view, awing the crowd. This could be done with statues other objects as well. The vast majority of people will be totally deceived by such “lying wonders.” Invisibility cloaks could also be used to fake angelic visitations. An “invisible” person could become wholly or partially visible to proclaim some “divine message from God” when, in fact, it is merely a human operative whose invisibility cloak was temporarily (or partially) dropped in order for the person to deliver a “faked” message from God. There will likely be some greedy and deceptive “religious” figures who will be happy to cooperate in this kind of deception in order to obtain financial gain. Consider also the geopolitical usages for invisibility technologies. A nation could arrange for its own intelligence agents to “appear” to the leaders of a hostile nation to inform them that “it is God’s will that you disable all your nuclear weapons for a new age of peace” when the whole experience was designed to dupe the target nation into disarming so it could be attacked.
Perhaps the return of Jesus Christ will itself be faked to validate the world figures called “the beast and false prophet” in Revelation 13:11-18. This prophecy indicates that the masses will be “deceived” by “great wonders” and “miracles” One such miracle will be to make “fire come down from heaven in the sight of men.” This kind of “lying wonder” could easily be done with invisibility cloaks. If a helicopter-like hovercraft was cloaked by an invisibility shield and it could hover silently (because it doesn’t use normal propulsion systems), a “false prophet” could “call fire down from heaven” and the cooperating technicians inside the cloaked craft could “activate” a stream of fire or fire their real weaponry into the atmosphere. The gullible crowds would go mad with “belief” that God was working through the “false prophet.”
The fact that scientific journals are openly reporting that invisibility technology and “cloaked” prototypes are already in existence argues that these technologies could be deployed either in warfare or in order to deceive people in the near future. When these faked “miracles” begin to occur, believers should not lose their faith or fall for these deceptions. You may have to “walk by faith” and not by what your eyes are apparently seeing. In Matthew 24:26, Jesus warns his followers to “believe it not” when “greet signs and wonders” are done and proclamations are made that “Jesus has returned” or “the Messiah has arrived” in some desert location or that he is now in “secret chambers.” This could literally occur with invisibility technology. A “fake Jesus” could appear and then vanish into “the secret chambers” (i.e. a person pretending to be Jesus could appear and then vanish by activating a cloaking device). This could also be used to deceive non-Christians. The beast and false prophet could elevate themselves to world-ruling status by having their “invisibility” technicians arrange “appearances” by whatever Messiah-figure is anticipated by world religions. Christians could be duped by miracles and visitations made manifest with the help of invisibility cloaks for faked appearances by Jesus. “Moses” or “Elijah” could appear to Jews, the “Hidden Imam”‘ could appear to Iranian Shiite mullahs while “Muhammed” could appear to the Sunnis, “Buddha” could appear to Buddhists, Hindu deities could appear to the Hindus, etc. There is really no end to the “miracles” and “visitations” which could be faked with invisibility cloaks.
You have now been forewarned about this possible way to deceive you. I John 4:1 warns that believers need to “try [test] the spirits” to see whether miracles, visitations or spirits are from God or not because there will be “many false prophets” unleashed into the world in the latter days who will be doing “wonders.” There will also be two true prophets called the Two Witnesses, who will at some point in their three and 1/2 year ministry, do genuine miracles empowered by God himself. If you wish an in-depth examination of the ministries of the Two Witnesses, please review the article on that subject in the Articles link at this website.
Don’t believe any faked “coming” of Jesus Christ. Matthew 24:27 prophesies that the true coming of Christ will be like “lightning” filling the heavens, not some cheesy local event staged by high-tech smoke and mirrors. Satan’s servants know the real prophecies of God so they will try and duplicate them as best as they can to dupe the masses. They know that the Two Witnesses will call fire down from heaven and actually kill their attackers (Revelation 11:5), so Satan’s deceivers will surely try to duplicate such an event. Even if “lying wonders” really do kill people, that doesn’t mean it is from God (an invisible cloaked hovercraft or surface weapon could issue forth “visible” fire from its weaponry and kill people). Also, when the real Jesus Christ comes to set up his millennial kingdom on earth, he will lead an army of the resurrected saints and many angels to execute the beast and false prophet (the top human political and religious/spiritual leaders at the end of this age) and their human armies (Revelation 19:11-21). The real Jesus will place all Satanic/Luciferian spirits into a heavenly prison and replace all human governments with new leaders selected from his resurrected saints who will be made immortal (Revelation 20:1-4). Until you see that actually happen, you are not witnessing the real return of Jesus Christ. The real return of Christ will also occur during a terrible war and/or disaster which is threatening to exterminate all fleshly life on earth (Matthew 24:21-22). If you do not see that also happening, you are not witnessing the real return of Jesus Christ.
Keep these truths in mind when all hell breaks loose in the world in the future as the latter days draw to a conclusion. If you do, you will be able to stand in the faith. Having foreknowledge about the religious deceptions that could be achieved with invisibility technology should greatly strengthen your “shield of faith” (Ephesians 6:16) in the years ahead of us.