Steven Collins

May 14, 2008
Previous blogs at this site have documented Chinese preparations to sink the USA’s aircraft carriers in the opening hours of a future Chinese-American war. These preparations have included equipping new Chinese submarines (and perhaps other launch platforms) with new Russian supersonic cruise missiles, having Chinese subs stalk US carriers, etc. The Washington Times National Weekly Edition of May 12, 2008 has revealed another Chinese preparation to sink US carriers.
The link below details that China is deploying an advanced submarine monitoring system underneath the Pacific Ocean to track US submarines. The Chinese system will mimic a similar system already deployed in the Cold War period by the US Navy called the Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS ) which monitored the locations of Russian subs in the world’s oceans. The Chinese realize that US attack submarines are deployed with each US aircraft carrier group to protect the carriers from enemy subs. By deploying their own SOSUS system, China hopes to be able to pinpoint where American subs are at the beginning of any conflict so they can destroy US subs and prevent them from protecting US carriers. China is also deploying a number of “over the horizon” radars along the Chinese coast to further locate all US Navy vessels. The article, By Bill Gertz, states that “The radar-sonar network provides the Chinese military with ‘constant air and sea coverage of the western Pacific for the first time, so they can keep a 24-7 trail on American naval assets for the first time.'”
Clearly, China is making every preparation it can for a future war against the USA. Given the numerous media articles about thefts of US military information by Chinese spies, many Chinese military advances are, no doubt, made possible by stolen US technology. Ezekiel 38’s warning that Russia, China, Iran and many other nations will form an alliance which will attack the nations of the modern western world in the latter days of our age is relentlessly heading for a certain fulfillment in the years ahead of us.
In the link below, Bill Gertz also writes that Taiwan, rightly concerned about the massive Communist Chinese military build-up, is seeking to obtain 66 advanced F-16 aircraft from the USA as well as 8 submarines and quantities of Patriot missiles and Apache attack helicopters. The US Defense Department supports the sale of this military equipment to Taiwan. However, the US State Department “wants the sale postponed in order to avoid upsetting China.” President Bush’s National Security Council staff is also reported to be shifting away from supporting Taiwan to “backing Beijing on most policy issues.” Given the historic US policy of supporting Taiwan in any attack on it by Communist China, the US State Department and the White House seem to be betraying Taiwan’s security interests. Why?  I think the answer is obvious. The American government and the US economy are hopelessly addicted to profligate spending financed by foreign money, much of it from China (the nation which is openly preparing to wage war on the USA). Proverbs 22:7 states an eternal truth: “the borrower is servant to the lender.” This truth applies to nations as well as people and corporations. The US government increasingly has “servant” status to China because of its chronically self-destructive borrowing and fiscal policies.
It is entirely possible that China is blackmailing the USA re: Taiwan. It can quietly tell President Bush: “Either you stop helping Taiwan or we (A) sell your T-Bonds and T-bills on the open market, (B) refuse to loan you any more money, and (C) stop accepting US dollars in our oil transactions. That’s pretty powerful blackmail! Communist China has the “economic whip hand” over the USA now and it is not afraid to use it.
Bill Gertz also observes in the third item in the link below that in any US-Chinese war over Taiwan, “China’s key strategic goal [is] knocking out the five or more aircraft carrier strike groups that would be rushed to the region near Taiwan in any future conflict.” If the US loses five or more aircraft carrier battle groups in a war over Taiwan, the USA will cease to be a superpower and the US President at the time would likely be impeached for gross negligence in providing for US national defenses.
Let’s hope that the US Navy has advanced defensive weapons systems to defend its carriers against the new Russian/Chinese supersonic cruise missiles which will surely be fired in salvos at US carriers in any future war with China. Ezekiel 38 guarantees that such a war will occur. China is obviously making rapid preparations for it. The USA seems to be asleep to the growing danger. Ezekiel 38:11 also prophesies the nations of the western world will have neglected their defenses at the time this attack occurs. Biblical prophecy for the latter days is proving to be accurate in every detail, which means only a very real and living Creator God can be implementing those prophecies in world geopolitics.
Those desiring abundant evidence that the USA and many western nations are the “house of Israel” (identified as the targeted nations in Ezekiel 38-39) are referred to the author’s books at the book links at this website. Much free information is also available on this subject in the report entitled “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III” (see Articles link at this website)