No doubt, many readers are familiar with the civil and criminal lawsuits involving Goldman Sachs. However, just before this story broke, another scandal was reported by a Wall Street insider which was totally “spiked” by the US mainstream media. I tried doing a websearch at FoxNews and even it had nothing to say on this previously-revealed scandal. The first link below offers details about the scandal and then adds much more information about what it alleges is widespread criminality in the US and world financial markets. Even though the American media has covered up this scandal, the first link states that the financial media in the UK and Germany have reported on it, and the blogosphere has many stories and comments about this major scandal.

The first link reports that a whistleblower named Andrew Maquire gave information to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) that Wall Street insider firms, principally JP Morgan, have been manipulating the gold markets to suppress the price of gold. Reports about this insider suppression of the gold market price have appearing for years on various websites. What is different about this report is that Mr. Maguire gave insider information exposing the scandal to the CFTC. The CFTC has apparently done about as little to stop that scandal as the SEC did when it was told for years about the Bernie Madoff scandal. As the links below report, Mr. Maguire’s information was so exact that he gave the CFTC “real-time” accounts of what was about to be transacted to manipulate the gold markets.

The second link below is from the HuffintonPost, the most prominent blog on which I found this story reported. It flatly states that “This news has been actively suppressed in the mainstream media.” I recommend it to all readers to learn how deeply the mainstream media is acting to make sure that certain major stories are hidden from the American people. Why would this story be suppressed? It could be that if the truths about the various corruptions in the gold markets were known, it would skyrocket the world price of gold and national fiat currencies could lose much value (or even collapse in some cases). The HuffingtonPost story also comments on the finding of supposedly solid gold bars being filled with tungsten cores instead of gold (a previous blog at this website also reported on that major, but largely unreported story). The third link and fourth link are reports from other blogsites which did report on this huge story indicating that the gold (and silver) markets are rigged.

The fourth and fifth links report that the insider whistle-blower, Andrew Maguire, and his wife were injured by a hit-and-run driver in London soon after he made his revelations about this scandal. Either this was an “unfortunate coincidence” or very powerful forces within the global financial system (called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18) would like to silence this whistle-blower.  One thing is certain: the nations and major players in the world’s gold markets are all very aware of this whistle-blower’s reports and have surely combed through his revelations with a fine-toothed comb. They are also very aware of the CFTC’s “no nothing” attitude to safeguard the legitimacy of the world gold market. Indeed, the inaction of the CFTC (like the inaction of the SEC in light of the evidence presented by a whistle-blower about Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme) must convince many world governments and big investors that the US regulatory agencies are “in bed” with the crooks. This is exactly what Revelation 18:3 prophesied would occur. It prophesied that the global, multinational corporations (the “merchants of the earth”) would be complicit with the governments and political sector (the “kings of the earth”) in a scam designed to make the insiders super-rich. Does this sound like a prophecy which has strikingly come to pass in our time?

Only the nations, big banks and the super-rich are heavily involved in the global gold markets. You can be sure that many of them will be very displeased to learn that the markets they have invested in are being manipulated by insiders and that the gold they thought they owned either is counterfeited with tungsten cores or perhaps exists only as bookkeeping entries on phony account books. The internet has previously reported stories that a number of nations have been pulling their gold reserves out of gold depositories in both the UK and the USA. Apparently, they may have already known about the suppressed reports of scams in the gold markets.

There is one other odd sidebar to this story. The links below report that both the whistle-blower, Mr. Maquire, and the head of the CFTC are both Goldman-Sachs alumni. Were these Goldman alumni involved in an effort to topple JP Morgan, a major competitor of Goldman Sachs? Lehman Brothers, Bear-Stearns and Merrill-Lynch, all previous big competitors of Goldman-Sachs bit the dust during the reign of Henry Paulson, another Goldman Sachs exec who was US Treasury Secretary at the time of their fall. Had Goldman Sachs targeted JP Morgan to be the next casualty as a result of the gold market whistle-blower story? If so, the effort back-fired badly. Instead of JP Morgan’s insider manipulations being the subject of government hearings and major media reports, it was a scandal at Goldman Sachs which has been given all the press coverage and government attention…and it happened soon after two Goldman alumni were involved in the expose that unveiled JP Morgan’s role in the gold markets. Perhaps this timing is all a major coincidence. However, it may reveal that there is a power struggle going on between Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan behind the scenes. Based on what has happened since the whistle-blower story came out about JP Morgan’s role in manipulating gold markets, it is my opinion that the media refusal to publicize JP Morgan’s sins while focusing on scandals at Goldman Sachs indicates that JP Morgan is winning any such theoretical battle. Whatever is going on behind the scenes at Wall Street, these scandals are devastating the credibility of the Big Banks. More importantly, the decision-makers in the nations and global entities that are furious at Wall Street’s shenanigans are surely talking to each other about how to retaliate against Wall Street’s insiders and their allies around the world. When they decide to make their move of retaliation, we will know who the “seven heads and ten horns” are who are prophesied to overthrown the current global system of Babylon the Great. It won’t be pretty, folks, when this happens. If you have not read my article entitled Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?, now might be a good time to read it to gain biblical insights into how this event could unfold in global geopolitics.