Usually, I do not post about domestic political developments, but this time I am making an exception to do so as the recent “Super Tuesday” primaries reveal some very interesting trends the establishment doesn’t want to talk about. Obviously, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were the overwhelming winners in each party’s primaries, an outcome widely expected. The delegates awarded in the Super Tuesday primaries make it all but certain Biden and Trump will be the party nominees in the presidential election in November.

However, when you look at the internal voting totals in a state-by-state basis, some real surprises emerge. While watching the post-election vote totals on the Newsmax channel, a surprising insight was gained into the respective “enthusiasm” for the top candidates of each party. Newsmax reported the aggregate Republican votes that night totaled 8,909,795 and the aggregate Democratic votes totaled 5,637,359 (exact final totals could vary). That means about 3.3 million more Republicans voted on Super Tuesday than did Democrats. That includes the total votes cast in usually-solid Democratic states such as California, Michigan, Hawaii, Vermont and Minnesota. These totals indicate that far more Americans are zealous about voting for Donald Trump than for Joe Biden. The trend becomes even more stark when one includes the total of people voting “no preference,” “Uncommitted” etc. in the Democratic primaries that allowed such votes. The total that refused to vote for Biden in the Democrat primaries was reported as 612,790. The state with the highest anti-Biden vote total in a Democrat primary was in Minnesota, where 19% of all voters in that state’s primary voted “Uncommitted.”

These totals should give major concerns to Democratic strategists that a “wave” election in favor of the GOP is coming in November. Clearly, enthusiasm to vote among Republicans far exceeded the number of people wanting to vote in Democrat primaries. Let’s examine some individual states for even more insightful information. The first link and second link are from the vote tallies compiled by NBC News, an establishment news source so no one can say the tallies were slanted toward the GOP. Just prior to the Super Tuesday voting, the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Colorado could not remove Donald Trump’s name from the ballot on an election for a federal office (the presidency). The vote was a unanimous 9-0, showing how desperate the anti-Trump forces are to erect any barrier possible to Trump’s re-election, no matter how specious those legal efforts against Trump may be. Let’s look at the Party voting totals in some states, and I’ll begin by looking at Colorado’s total. [When you go to these links, click the links at the top of the pages to go to any state’s vote total that interests you. A link also makes it possible to examine both the GOP and Democratic total in each state.]

Colorado results showed that 535,000 Democrats voted in the Democrat primary and 832,000 voted in the Republican primary. Colorado has been a reliably “Blue” state in recent elections so the fact that voters chose to vote for Trump over Biden by such landslide proportions in a Blue State ought to worry Democrat leaders. In the Blue State of Minnesota, 237,000 voted in the Democrat primary, but 333,000 voted in the Republican primary. Again, Minnesotans, by landslide proportions, were far more willing to vote in the GOP primary than for anyone in the Democrat primary. Let’s look at the total votes in two “battleground” states: Michigan and North Carolina. In Michigan, 748,000 voted in the Democrat primary, but 1,090,000 voted in the Republican primary. Since Biden’s anti-fossil fuel policies hurt the construction of gas-powered vehicles –made principally by unionized workers– the primary totals argue that many union workers will vote for Trump in the general election to save their jobs. In North Carolina, it was a blowout: 694,000 voted in the Democrat primary, but 1,500,00 voted in the Republican primary. This is an outcome which looks very good for the Republican party in November. Now let’s look at two Red States: Texas and Tennessee. Texas had 910,000 Democrat voters but 2,260,000 Republican voters. Tennessee had 135,000 Democrat voters and 567,000 Republican voters. These totals show there is a huge “enthusiasm gap” between the parties. Republican voters were eager to vote for Trump, but Democrats were rather listless about going to the polls to vote for Biden. While you will hear an endless stream of pollsters’ results between now and November, all of those polls are likely phone polls that only require a few minutes to answer without people having to make a trip to a polling station. The numbers of people willing to take the time and stand in line to vote in Super Tuesday states revealed that Republican voters were far more likely to physically go to polls than were Democrats. Also try to determine whether polls are of “likely” voters or just “registered” voters. The polls of “likely” voters tend to be more accurate.

A key campaign issue that was not publicized widely before the Super Tuesday votes, but which has emerged more prominently in the media after the voting will also work in favor of the Republicans. The third link reports that the Biden administration has secretly flown in circa 330,000 foreigners to US cities, bypassing the legal immigration procedures for foreigners. This shows the many millions of illegal aliens crossing the US border aren’t enough for Biden–he wants even more illegals coming in from foreign nations. How is it not an impeachable offense for Biden to not only break US immigration laws at the Southern border, but also to directly break our border laws by organizing flights of illegals into the nation? Also, a Rasmussen Poll revealed that 52% (a majority) of Americans now believe that the CIA or other intelligence agencies are working to “fix the election” in November (fourth link). The fifth link reveals that a poll shows that the political ties that bind Americans together are weakening. It found that 23% of Americans already favor the secession of their state from the federal union. You may be surprised which states have the highest number of people favoring secession as states on both the right and left ends of the political spectrum lead the secessionist attitude. Alaska had the highest number of people favoring secession (36%) with Texas following at 31%. California is next with 29% favoring secession with New York and Oklahoma following with 29% each. This outcome shows that secessionist feelings exist at growing levels on both the right and left side of the political spectrum. This trend needs to be watched closely as it bodes ill for the union of the states if a close election occurs with roughly half of the states refusing to accept the results of the election as valid.

I certainly don’t know the outcome of the November election, but the Republicans seem to be the favorite now. Since polls at Real Clear Politics‘ website show a strong majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s presidency and policies and a huge majority believes the USA is “on the wrong track” under Biden, this also logically favors the odds of a Republican victory. The 9-0 Supreme Court verdict against the “Never Trumpers” in Colorado and other states revealed the weakness of some legal attacks against Trump, and that verdict will act to rob the credibility from any court verdict convicting Trump of some charge. It is worth noting that Trump’s enemies bring their lawsuits only in leftist jurisdictions where they are more likely to get verdicts in their favor. If some of these anti-Trump lawsuits had been filed in Idaho, Alabama or the Dakotas, such lawsuits would likely have been summarily dismissed.

Biblical prophecy includes one which argues the USA will stay together and not split apart. As readers of my books know, historical and prophetic evidence argue that the USA exhibits the prophesied traits of the Israelite tribe of Manasseh in the last days. Genesis 48-49 are a prophecy for the latter days (49:1) and Genesis 48:8-20 reveal that while the tribe of Ephraim would subdivide into several nations, their cultural “brother” tribe of Manasseh would be a single nation. While my books contain the full evidence for this identification, my articles, The USA in Biblical Prophecy and Ephraim and Manasseh: Allies in the Modern World, contain a synopsis of the historical and prophetic evidence for this conclusion. The second article was written in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City so several references in the article date it to that period of time; however, the historical evidence is still quite relevant. Since that 9/11 terrorist attack occurred, both the USA and UK have steadily gotten weaker over time. I hope we see a reversal of that trend in the November elections, but nothing can be known for sure this early in the campaign season. It will be a very important election!