November 26, 2008
Steve Collins
This short blog is to pass on to readers a very interesting video sent to me by a reader of this website. This video sheds remarkable light on possible engineering techniques used by ancient mankind to move and lift extremely heavy slab stones. A modern man has duplicated and demonstrated how he thinks heavy stones (like those in Stonehenge) may have been moved into position. What is especially noteworthy is that this method could have been used by ancient mankind via “low tech methods” by using gravity, counterweights and leverage in a very clever manner.
There is considerable controversy about when certain massive ancient constructions (Egypt’s pyramids, Stonehenge, the Sphinx, ancient Latin American structures, etc.) were made. Based on Matthew 24:37 and other scriptures, it is my view that the pre-Flood world had attained an even more advanced technological development that we have achieved today. An audio message available at this website, As it was in the Days of Noah, provides much secular and biblical evidence to support his conclusion. That audio message was given by me in the late 1980s, but it still offers a solid case for the existence of a high-tech civilization in the pre-Flood world. However, even post-Flood mankind was far more ingenious than we have realized. A History Channel series on cable TV called Ancient Discoveries documents many kinds of evidences that ancient civilizations were far more advanced than previously realized.
Enjoy this video presentation as it demonstrates before your eyes how large slab stones similar to those at Stonehenge could have been moved, transported, lifted and erected into position without high-tech equipment! Amazingly, it wouldn’t even have needed a large crew of workers.