Below are a list of new informational links which I think readers of this blog will find both important and interesting. During my writing hiatus due to healthy reasons, I’ll periodically be posting new sets of links about important topics for readers to review and consider. I’ll dispense with my usual blog post analysis due to the writing hiatus, but long-time readers of this website will have no difficulty understanding the biblical /prophetic contexts into which they fit. Much is happening in the world and I hope that God will heal me soon so I can write actively again. The first link is a Stratfor analysis of the Israeli-Iranian crisis. As usual, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information in these new links, and I’m passing them on to you for your review and consideration.
As a brief update, my back pain is strong enough that I’m on 1 gram of hydrocodone every 4-6 hours plus a muscle-relaxer, massage therapy and acupuncture. Up to 90 mg. of morphine a day in tablet form had no meaningful effect on the pain, and a shot of morphine at the ER had almost no effect at all. I greatly appreciate the prayers of readers for my swift and complete recovery.