Amidst all the major world crises which are threatening to create civil wars or large regional wars, the Indian subcontinent has not received the attention that it deserves. It is well-known that China is building a massive military machine, but the US media tends to focus on the China vs. America comparisons in relative military comparisons and intentions. However, India is far more threatened on an immediate basis by China’s military and increased nuclear weapons programs. It is especially threatened because it is also bordered by Pakistan, an Islamic nation and a nuclear power itself. India has no choice but to build a nuclear deterrent which can counter its two regional enemies, China and Pakistan.
The first link reports that India not only recognizes the great danger posed to it by the combined Pakistani-Chinese threat, but it has embarked on a “very robust” program to build nuclear weapons and the missiles to delivery its new growing number of nuclear warheads via several methods.
India is building intermediate-range ballistic missiles, longer-range ICBMs, submarines which will carry nuclear missiles that can launched from oceanic locations and it is also building a MIRVd capacity for its new missiles. A MIRV-tipped nuclear missile can carry 5-7 nuclear warheads in the nosecone of a single missile and these nukes can later be aimed at separate targets even though they are launched from a single missile (as explained in the first link). The USA and Russia have had a MIRV capacity for their nuclear missiles for many years, but India’s development of such a capacity would place it in the top-tier of nuclear powers.
Although India is aggressively building these new nuclear warheads and the varied missiles to deliver them, it very much needs allies against the combined nuclear and conventional weaponry of China and Pakistan. This dynamic is driving the militaries of the USA and India into an alliance and India is also becoming increasingly allied with Japan, Australia, Singapore, and other Pacific Rim nations which are all mutually threatened by China’s massive conventional and nuclear weaponry programs.
These developments and alliances are all very compatible with the alliances prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to come into being in the latter days, as explained in much more detail in my free articles, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III [PDF] and Japan’s Role In Biblical Prophecy.
Even as China, Russia, Iran, India and other nations are embarking on massive new military build-ups in both conventional and nuclear weaponry, the western nations seem so obsessed with internal economic traumas that they are generally neglecting their military forces and reducing them. President Obama, the leader of the major western nation, the USA, wants to embark on a major disarmament program for the USA! Some reports indicate he wants to drastically reduce the number of US nuclear warheads (see second link) and new plans have just been announced by the Obama administration for a significant reduction in the size of the US army (see third link).
This major “disconnect” between Obama’s plans and what is going on in the real world make one wonder about his motives, his ability to comprehend military realities or both. The second link reports Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, quite logically “poured scorn” on Obama’s very naive proposal. Putin “gets it” regarding world conditions. Obama clearly doesn’t “get it.” The USA must consider the number of Russia’s and China’s combined nuclear weaponry when the number of US nukes are considered as Russia and China are strategic allies and rivals of the USA. Even though Russia and China are allies, I’ll bet Putin is casting a nervous eye at China’s massive military build-up and China’s refusal to disclose how many new nuclear warheads they are making.
I hope and pray that there are clearer heads in the Obama administration that can help him see the realities of global geopolitics and military realities.