Previous blogs have followed the growing military and scientific cooperation between India and the Israelis. This cooperation continues to deepen. The first link below reports that “Israel and India signed a joint-development agreement to create a new…shipborne air defense system.” The new deal, worth $1 billion or more will meet a vital current need in the Indian Navy. The Israeli-designed missiles will also have a land-based variant for India’s air defense needs for its homeland.

An Asia Times report from earlier this year reported that the Israelis are now the top supplier of military weaponry to India, replacing Russia, which had been India’s main supplier since the Cold War years. An Israeli Major General is quoted as saying “We have a very special defense relationship with India.” India is also building its own ballistic missile defense system which is expected to be deployed in 2010. Obviously, China and Pakistan are the most likely nations to fire ballistic missiles at India.

It is easy to understand why India and the Israelis are forming a military alliance. They are both nuclear powers which are located on opposite flanks of an arc of Islamic nations which are located between them in South Central Asia. India is especially threatened by Islamic Pakistan (which is becoming a base for radical Islamic groups), and the Israelis are now very threatened by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies. The Israelis and the Sunni Islamic nations have experienced increased cooperation as they are all mutually threatened by Iran’s militarism and its bid for nuclear weapons.

The third link below (from Debka) reports that an “extraordinary secret summit of the intelligence chiefs of four nations” occurred recently in Amman, Jordan. Those nations were Egypt, Jordan, the USA and Israel. The head of the Israeli Mossad huddled with the intelligence chiefs of Egypt and Jordan (Sunni Islamic nations) and “senior officials of the American CIA.” The Egyptian Intelligence Chief then shared the results of the meetings with the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Chief while Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu shared the results with French President Sarkozy. This is clearly an anti-Iranian alliance at work. The fact that Egypt’s and Jordan’s Intelligence leaders personally met with and cooperated with the head of the Israeli Mossad, and that Saudi Arabia indirectly was included is a remarkable development. The fact that the Israeli Mossad leader can fly to a meeting hosted in Islamic Jordan speaks volumes about the level of cooperation that is growing between these nations.

It appears that the USA, India, the Israelis, and the Sunni Islamic nations in the Mideast are becoming increasingly allied against the Iranians (and their Russian and Chinese backers). This is an alignment that I’ve been expecting for some time at this blogsite. My expectation is based on the prophecy in Ezekiel 38. None of these nations are mentioned as being in the “Gog-Magog” alliance’s list of members as prophesied in Ezekiel 38:3-7. I have regarded India as being the “Sheba and Dedan” nation mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13 which is also not in the Gog-Magog alliance, and have identified Japan as being Tarshish, the Asian nation of merchants whose export-driven, mercantile policies have been emulated by the “young lion” nations of the Pacific Rim. The “young lion” nations of Ezekiel 38:13’s prophecy are called the “young tiger” nations by the world’s financial press. Ezekiel 38’s prophecies are coming to pass in today’s geopolitical developments, confirming that the Creator God who inspired the Bible is guiding the overall development of modern world events to fulfill all his biblical prophesies. If you have not yet done so, please read my article on Japan’s role in biblical prophecy available at the articles link of this website. That article also discusses the biblically-prophesied roles of India and the “young lion” nations. God guides the destinies of not just the Israelite nations, but all the other nations as well!