November 10, 2008
Steve Collins
India’s historic nuclear pact with the USA is already having major geopolitical repercussions. India is increasingly moving into an open alliance with the USA, NATO and Japan. Not only does this strengthen both India and the West, it also further fulfills the pivotal latter-day prophecy in Ezekiel 38.
The first link below (from Asia Times) discusses the growing alliance of India with the USA and the Israelis, and India’s drift away from Iran. The tone of the article indicates the author laments this development, but he examines India’s shift towards the USA and the West only in light of India’s relationship with Iran. The writer does not consider that India is being heavily pressured by the budding alliance between China and Pakistan–both of whom are nuclear-armed and enemies of India. For India, there is an imperative need to seek powerful allies vs. its enemies, and the West is “the only game in town.” It cannot turn to Russia because Russia is a strategic ally of China (India’s rival). This first link also notes, that as an indication of the growing military cooperation between India and the West, India’s navy is now cooperating with NATO warships in the Persian Gulf region.
The second link, also from Asia Times, comments further on the hasty deployment of a NATO war fleet to the Persian Gulf, and India’s cooperation with it. The article indicates that this sudden deployment of a NATO fleet to the Persian Gulf region was triggered by the hijacking of an Iranian ship (loaded with radioactive cargo from China, as a previous blog documented) by Somali pirates. This Iranian ship was apparently intended to become a mass-casualty “bomb” when it was detonated either off the coast of Israel or in a European port city. Many of the Somali pirates who hijacked this mysterious Iranian ship died of apparent radiation poisoning due to the extremely toxic nature of the ship’s cargo. If the ship had detonated off the Israeli coast, the Israelis would surely have destroyed Iran in a large nuclear attack, and (if Chinese culpability were evident) retaliated against China as well. The fourth link below (from NATO) reports that the new NATO fleet in the Arabian Sea/Persian Gulf region will conduct joint exercises with the naval forces of Sunni Arab nations in the Persian Gulf as part of its “anti-piracy role off the coast of Somalia.” The Sunni Arab nations have also, no doubt, been fully briefed on the Iranian-Chinese links to the foiled mass-terrorist act involving an Iranian ship. The USA’s new President-Elect, Barack Obama, is now receiving the daily intelligence briefings that President Bush receives, and President-Elect Obama is becoming aware of the dangerous state of affairs that now exists in world geopolitics. The American population is still being kept “in the dark” about such incidents.
Realizing how close was the advent of a World War over this incident, NATO has hastily deployed naval vessels to the region to be sure no similar “suicide ships” ever reach the Suez Canal. India’s willingness to cooperate with NATO has undoubtedly been increased by India’s realization that China participated with Iran in a planned nuclear “terrorist” attack directed at either Israel or Europe.  India, NATO, Israel and Japan now see China’s intentions as more malevolent than previously realized. The third link below examines the deepening Japanese-Indian relationship and the fact that their budding alliance includes closer ties to the USA and Australia.
The above developments further fulfill Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy about the latter-day alliances of nations in our modern world. Gog, Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Togarmah, Gomer, Persia, Cush, etc. describe the anti-American, anti-Western alliance of Russia, China, Iran and their allies. The terms “Israel,” “mountains of Israel,” “house of Israel,” etc. refer to the modern nations descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel (the USA, many NATO nations and their allies). This prophecy foretells that the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance will attack the Western alliance at the very end of this age. The Chinese-Iranian roles in the foiled mass terrorist attack vs. either the Israelis or Europe confirm and reveal the deeply-hostile intentions of China and Iran toward the West.
However, Ezekiel 38:13 describes another group of nations that do NOT join the Asian attack vs. the West. They are called “Sheba and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish with all the young lions thereof.” Previous blogs and an article about Japan’s role in latter-day prophecy (available at this website in the Article link) offer more detail on these identifications. “Japan, Inc.” and the “young tiger” nations” of Asia (South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, etc.) are the “merchants of Tarshish” and the “young lion” nations discussed in Ezekiel 38:15. Past blogs at my website have indicated a growing belief that India would fulfill the “Sheba and Dedan” role in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:15. That identification now looks all but certain as God continues to shape the destinies of all nations in our time to fulfill his biblical prophecies about them. Modern nations are acting out the script God ordained long ago for them, whether they realize it or not.